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Four and New Orleans is given up eight against philli. I'll take the eagles to cover because it's the postseason. I'll still take the saints tend up winning that game. And that would make me feel better about the arguments with Nick foles and Carson Wentz and all that other stuff anyway, eight five five two one two four CBS. I gotta make this point. I saw the Browns. They just tweeted out, Freddie, kitchens. And that he they've made it official. Freddie kitchens is is the now the head coach the official head coach of the Cleveland Browns. And they have the picture of him signing the contract. He looks like any one of your buddies on Facebook who just bought a house. Hoodie hat scraggly Bill little scruffy beard going on out scraggly, but scruffy like you see the pitch like your friends on Facebook. Hey, we bought a house. We did a thing and they have that picture together. And they're either like holding the Coldwell Banker sign or the century twenty one side or they're sitting there signing for the house, and they have that picture. That's pretty kitchens looks like I think, Freddie, kitchens is a great story. I think he's a good guy. What I do believe. This is is the Browns are giving Baker Mayfield Peyton Manning level power. Some people took this the wrong way. Because immediately a lot of people in the national media pan the higher. This is what this is. I can't pay in any one of these guys could be successful jets fans and Peter was on earlier lopresti covered the jets where he might feel the same way for all. I know. Jets fans hate the atom gays higher. I don't hate the Adam gates higher. If you have a good quarterback. You got a chance. I think Sam darnold will be a good quarterback in the league finish up the season. Pretty nice. There's a lot of things that go against you jets quarterback. He's a quiet kid. He's very very young. I think he's got a lot of talent. And I think you'll be okay. I think he'll be playoff quarterback at some point. And Adam gays can make him better. Adam Gateshead garbage for quarterback for most part when he was in Miami. Dolphins are kind of a mess of what organization Mr. tease, kind of a mess of a of a guy who'd led that organization. Jets fans would know that I don't think Adam gays. I don't think Adam cases, maybe quite a lot of people made him out to be with you. I got that job. I don't think it's a bad coach you give them a good quarterback will end up working out for the most part. He'll be probably be a pretty successful organization. Overtime. I'd love Vic Fangio, I think he's a great defensive coach. I wish you would have been a head coach sooner. I can't believe he's sixty. And he's never been a head coach you hear that. There's an earnestness in his voice, you really like a guy because some of this stuff their political appoint appointments Vic Fangio, that's a football coach. And I love Vic Fangio if you don't give a quarterback he'll be out on his ass and a couple of years. I hate saying that Bruce Arians is a talented football coach. I don't have a problem with Bruce Arians where he said at first you wanted to Cleveland job. And it's the only job he would take. And then all of a sudden miraculously, his heart. That's all better. Now, he's been given a clean Bill health. And he's going with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's gotta deal with James Winston who's gotten a couple of coaches fired already. I don't no problem with that. He's sixty seven years old. He probably got restless in the booth. He liked to take one more stab at it. What call from Cleveland? Let's go to Tampa Bay. Let's see we can do with the guy who does have talent. I can't take that away from James Winston. I look at cliff Kingsbury if Josh Rosen. Yes, Josh Rosen not Cuyler Murray. If Josh Rosen ends up being good if they worked together probably cliff Kingsbury, we'll have some success. I don't think. I just don't think that any one of these guys are out not disaster. I do think that there is a different type of challenge in Cleveland for Freddie kitchens. And it's based on Baker Mayfield. I've never seen an organization. Put this much in this early on a rookie quarterback going into a second year. Like, we're seeing the Browns with Baker Mayfield. This wasn't a decision where and I got a lot of calls this week. This wasn't a decision where you had to give why trust and John Dorsey, so many people called in this week to my morning show and said we I trust in John Dorsey, Ken, Anthony, guys I trust. And John Dorsey, this guy is I said, well, you can trust Don Dorsey, all you want. But you better trust and Baker Mayfield. Freddie kitchens is it considered for the job. If tyrod Taylor was playing for the rest of the year. If Baker Mayfield wasn't in up for for offense of rookie of the year. And I think a lot of ways just because of the perceptions of the teams he should get it. But he won't. But I think he should get it. I'd be shocked if he did. And I love that. He did. If Baker Mayfield doesn't play the way he did with Freddie kitchens help, obviously, Freddie kitchens. Then there's no way he's considered for that job. And you look at the situation. The Baker Mayfield was handled in Cleveland. You got a coach fired halfway through the year yet an offensive coordinator fired halfway through the year. You have an ownership group that people are lukewarm on at best. And I think I'm being very generous with that. They don't trust them. John Dorsey brings some commitment. Some stability. He brings some credibility to an organization that desperately needed some because they hadn't been credible for twenty years generation not credible to a fan base for twenty years. That's what Baker Mayfield had to deal with they were seven eight and one this year, and he's an offensive rookie of the year candidate one of the two top guys between him and saquon Barkley done a hell of a job every single question. That's been put in front of him. He was able to answer he was able to command an offense. He was able to beat some decent football teams was able to be playoff teams. But was able to beat some decent football teams. Technically did beat a playoff team wants with the ravens. And he was able to deal with a coach in an offensive coordinator sniping at each other. And then both of them getting fired in the middle of the year. And when you have names like McCarthy, like gays like something mcdaniels like some of the other names that were floated out there, and you come up with Freddie kitchens. That's not. Well, we just think the Freddie kitchens is that good, obviously, they think Freddie, kitchens has some some talent as a coach, but that's a bet on Baker Mayfield. And I've never seen that this early. Peyton manning. Didn't have this power this early Tom Brady didn't have this power this early. You can't name another football team. We know the patriots were interested in Baker Mayfield. If they would have drafted Baker Mayfield. And he would've sat behind Tom Brady or he would have started this year. If Tom Brady would have been either injured or retired or whatever if it were if it were Bill Belichick or Bill Belichick wasn't there anymore, and he retired. And Tom Brady was retiring and you have Baker Mayfield as your next quarterback. And you had a question of who's going to be the next head coach the patriots wouldn't do that. They wouldn't let Baker they went and think of that head coach with Baker Mayfield in mind. White liked the Cleveland Browns did. When Tony Dungy retired. It was. Alright Peyton what do you want? What do you want to do here? Well, how do we want to do this? When Peyton Manning went to Denver. Okay. How are we going to do? This guy's Payton. It's up to you. You don't see this type of power handed over this early? They're doing this in Cleveland. But you haven't seen a situation like the Cleveland Browns like this over the last twenty years, which has just been destitute embarrassing for what's was one of the great franchises in professional sports. Not just football in professional sports, thirty forty fifty years ago and is trying to get their way back. That's the type of challenge. Baker Mayfield has what? So what they're doing in this case, and they'll sink or swim with them, regardless. John Dorsey gives the keys to Baker Mayfield and truly says with this move with Freddie kitchens. It's your franchise. Pretty kitchens will look successful. Or look like one of the biggest boobs ever based on you. John Dorsey will either look like a genius. And look like not only kitty he picked good players, but he can pick the right coach or he'll look like one of the greatest idiots who have ever graced a general managing booth in the NFL based on you. This franchise will either return to prominence or go back to the way things were based on you. And rarely do we see a guy. That's a perfect situation. I don't know if I could ever find a perfect situation quite like Baker Mayfield in the Cleveland Browns, twenty years of losing it can put a big chip on your shoulder. If you're a football fan Baker Mayfield you've seen it in the media. You've heard it from some of the other national pundits. You see where people think about him whether he's too brash. Whether he's too arrogant, whether he's too cocky or the takes things too personally with the entire Hugh Jackson fiasco, which got to tell you if you went on a national tour after me blaming basically blaming me for the losing. And then saying you would take every other quarterback under the sun. And again, I think people are getting this mixed up with Baker Mayfield. I don't think it's just because Hugh Jackson took another job with Cincinnati. I think it's because he feels if he would have started at the beginning of the season, they would've been playing last week instead of watching I could probably see it the way Baker Mayfield does either way you're either with Baker Mayfield or against Baker Mayfield. There's no third direction and for a fan base with a chip on their shoulder, quite like the Cleveland Browns. Does it's perfect. It's not believe. Leaving John Dorsey it's believing in Baker Mayfield. So it doesn't surprise me whatsoever. The ones we've been critical of Baker Mayfield over the last year, not having not having a great big reaction and being positive when they hire a guy who was the running backs coach the beginning of the year. Now's the head coach of the football team. But the only reason he's the head coach of the football team is because of the success that he had with Baker Mayfield as the quarterback. There's no way if drew Stanton who's one of the backups if tyrod Taylor if any other quarterback out there for the most part would have been there any other Browns quarterback that's on that jersey over the last twenty years if any one of those guys were the quarterback, Freddie kitchens signing a contract today. This isn't a bet on Freddie, or a bet on John Dorsey or any of that this is a bet on Baker Mayfield, pure and simple eight five five two one two four CBS. I gotta get the Fred Knoxville. Fred, you're next up on CBS sports radio. Go ahead. Hey, brother. I was gonna tell you. Yeah. Yeah. I was gonna tell you how amateur matters can bet. Benefit from listening to some of your sports talk host, for example. Okay. Go ahead because like like last year. I listen to Jodi MAC and frail. In the game myself. And I got those guys to agree that they liked the game. I'm I'm not just talking to me personally. But I'm just on the air. I listened to they were begging. Yeah. And I would say, well, all I I would bet the game will I I ended up up to the end of the year. I'm doing the same thing in this year. Really? Yeah. You're not you're on the air. I'm just saying here, I'm saying if if you watch it, I'm seventy years old, I've been watching football, and I watched Johnny United swinging around. Rimington Barry, I've been watching a long time and I played. Yeah. Game. And I get a couple of guys that are more knowledgeable than I am might be a little bit more in the known. I am to go along for you. Or for our Johnny Mak, whoever you know grass. And then there's local guys knowledgeable that are Cumulus guys. Francia from my perspective. I get nervous about it. Because I think a lot of radio show host. I think they take it as a segment off. And so I it makes me nervous to hear you going. Yeah. I'm gonna throw down some money on this team based on here. What a lot of us take as a segment, I I've got I've got to lock the game myself. Like you guys to agree with me? Then I'd say, okay. That's what I choose to bet. So what are you got at least two games? What he got in these two games? Let me see if I agree with you. Go ahead. Well, well, when I first saw these games today. I can say every dog could win straight up not even covered to win the game playoff. Okay. And and so that's when I started listening to different people. So I'm, you know, Casey at home. I like a I like the ryen bye. I told me flip it around though. I'm after I started listening to everybody. I like New England. And I and I and I like New Orleans I like I like all the favorites. Now, and historically I can tell you that the favorites in the home teams, which is the same thing. They win more most of the games this weekend. Man. I tell you what friend because and I gotta let you go. But I thank you very much for the call. I is that is amazing to me. That's amazing. Because I think if I start watching these games more like I call Tom during the week, our producer deepen, and he's watch at the time. He's watching chargers ravens. And I think man if I watch a too much I'll start thinking too much and I'll end up making the wrong pick..

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