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Labs is a couple of gadget caches. But what is really interesting to me and it. I found out about this. Because i was at. I haven't been married yet. I'm kind of planning a trip to go to go. Do it one day when i get a chance to go. Check these out in the description on one of the catch pages. It has a quote bonus trackable location. Where a go casher a person who's buried. There was gio casher and loved it so much. There is a trackable code carved in their tombstone. Oh that is cool so they want people to come and check that out. That is very cool. Yes that's that's my my ever-growing geocaching to do this in one story. I took my daughter who's fourteen. I took her a long one time on. A geocaching may begin. This is in my but it's it's outside the city limits so it's not to down a country road and i took her to We've just traveling that way. We had some time. let's look up. If there's any cash in the area will happen to be a cemetery cash at an abandoned church that i had cast. I've been passing spur. Oh my goodness thirty years and never noticed the slates and and certainly never. I mean i noticed the charts but i never noticed had been abandoned in. Been a never noticed cemetery. It was a little cemetery and we went. She was totally creeped out about. We went and the cash was right on the fence. Line of the cemetery. And i never would have known never would have known. It was there and the original minister of that. Church was interred there with his life. There's just all this historic Information on the back that an in the second minister and his wife also toured there. And it's just the history martin that i had no idea and Drug my my daughter along and she's here scared about it but but it was really cool was in a maintenance inventory. I never was there. That is cool. We actually last.

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