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Camaro street but that's all she is he's not a proper from the bible she's just another game due i didn't even watched the thing i was watching and i will planet those basically the same thing and it's not just more and more educational and that they whitaker no doubt about it you know i look out out on think that to that to christian total has it exactly right under understand this the a logic year because i think it's it seems to me that you know you have to if you're going to be in the movies you want your movers to be a success our movies of success people go to see them why would you do something why would you say something that is going to alienated about half of the american public right and these and he's a word shows exist specifically to juice interest and the movies that went i mean these movies benefit greatly of the box officer and are in the after market by having their their names included there and you know offend people who might buyer product you know the thinking the thing is the people who with who see the world is merrill strip sees them but i can't imagine them hearing her say those things and saying well now i have to go see that movie i can only other him see here a lot of people who i disagree with mel st by saying i will never go see that movie right i was not a i'm just not sure who feels bad for merrill st i was that audience michael in burke your own with brian invents this morning what are you say michael browse romero hollywood so what can i think as for military because i have the big to disagree maybe a new overturned average should be able to get it but should not that great this but wait sparkling yes you know the thing about it is always try because i like to see a good movie and i like to see a good story and i love the visual arts and i love film and i love theater in all i mean not like larry dead but i mean i love theater.

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