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Cool. You and your girl out of fight, And now she's singing good batch, ran upstairs and packed her bags could be ran on your perfect vacation. You could miss Justin that you're worse that you wish to neighbors say ain't nothing man of people They know pain can wash away from moment bad and surely makes those towns less Oh, you could be doing Over from man before that frown into a smile. Real queen. There ain't nothing, man I can't see. You're like annual fishing. It's hard to know that you're getting is a little nibble here and there, you see, even watching your team leaves in that championship rain and you're feeling like my pain fit on your perfect vacation. You could be stressed about you teaching way. Nothing, madam. Damn bitch Ain't no pain can't watch away way bad, And it's always makes a classic because the last thing you remember before Hey, nothing letter bare hands. Raining on your perfect they cash. You could be stressed about your work since you wish and gotta save info. No special occasion. Ain't nothing Madam Banking can watch from Dad sure makes those found the girl left blood. Will you give me up, boy? No, higher over. Get out over. Nothing that can turn it back. Did you flowers, please? Say not Stacy. Greg. A little Studio day nothing that a beer can see. Number one from May. Morgan Wallace chasing you on the country, top 30 year end special tastes its head and afraid couple of kids in a Chevrolet. Get a little cross trace, sipping on some from the fifth stag. Thanks. Erred on the Mabel M seven to the Moon River Man wasn't there long as company Jumping man. Get down instead on now what I was doing then Cheesy whiskey burning going damn burn going down, You good bad. Anyways, anywhere in this whole town. She's in that freedom season F feeling that guy gonna do soon. Isn't that you me? Always see marry view. You're someone new still chasing Stale chasing You always talk about your leg. I heard you got far. Santa Fe way. No, I tried to track you down. Only got sarin gets on, Sam. Singing about a girl I used to know. You know, you should know that I haven't given love founder Stony radio side always burning going down burning males. Girls. Good, bad feel last. Anyways, anywhere this away, Sam takes a map for you season that feeling that guy gone too soon. Isn't that you me? Always see marry view. You're someone who's still chasing Failed chasing you to whiskey. Burning going down, burning going down season, you jackals. Good, bad deal and any wist anywhere this whole Sam Jason, that freedom season left feeling that guy gone too soon. Is it like you mean it? See, Marry view. You mean so do still chasing still chasing still still sand you chasing you from Morgan Wallen. He arguably.

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