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I I'm going to pay attention to this, and that can be everything from fat, recognizing them or having someone who's a socially influential Talk about the importance of what's being done to sometimes introducing. Sticks if you will you know some slightly threatening things that that could get people's attention and we would advise using those very sparingly, but but it's a part of the mix. and then the the third pieces. How do you actually support the transfer of skill? How do you? Help large groups of adults learn from each other very very quickly through application of new models or new practices and. Here again. The name of the game is just having lots of facility with lots of different methods and approaches and I think that You know one of the things that I'm repeatedly struck by is that we have a list of of a fifteen or so methods for for reaching more people, and you can see people feverishly taking notes because I just don't think it's in our training. Not many people know these methods these approaches. And it's so contrary to a real dominant myth that if I can just get this published in a Peer Review, journal or we're going to build an APP and then boom. We do a viral video and Bam. It's GonNa Change..

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