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Podcast. One presents the lady gang, the Hollywood girl posse with lady gang quickey. Here's Kelty night, Becca, Tobin, and Jack Vanik. Let's make this quick. Hello and welcome. See the lady gang quick gag. With a short, a sexy ever had God like thirty the time. I lost my virginity. That was actually very long for me, I think, or just felt, did you lose your virginity to another virgin or did you virginity? So now I lost my virginity when I was like twenty three years old. So I always just someone who wasn't emerging. Definitely. I mean, who who he is version at twenty three. Lots of people forty year, old virgin, Steve corral. I think the person I lost my virginity to was very experienced. Why. Oh my God. College football player for sure. Get around our proud. Nice. I senior in high school. I have a question. He slept with a senior when he was in college. Like my boyfriend weird. He's my boyfriend. I just like that's a pretty big deal off it while it's hot. You know, we're von Dutch sweatshirts. Do kids use condoms when they're that young? Yes, yeah. I feel like that's the only thing. However, I think I was on the pill, so then he didn't. I don't really remember. I don't. I sex, everyone's scary world. It's for real. It's all real. Okay. The clap. Do we have a quote? Yes, we do this quotas coming from Gayle king. You might know her as Oprah's best friend editor taller that anymore. What Oprah's best friend. You're right. It's just go king. She's Gayle king her own person. Hood editor in chief of the o. magazine win host of CBS smart. When people are like Lee Michelle's firm, Becca, Tobin. I wasn't going to say that. Sure. Japan, ex-friend Kelly night. That's like warranted, though. Yeah, you're right. Gail is Gaels game what a guild you before? They were both news anchors. Oh, so she has. Yeah. Okay. But they are best friends? Yeah. Okay. Aren't anyway, she wants to tell you something and today, here's the quote when people don't want what's best for you, they are not the best for you. Thanks. Gail. We've said this one before we, we never really sure the encyclopedia says now. We have not seen don't want what's best for you. They're not the best friend that that's good because sometimes you in your life and they kind of want you to fail secretly sick and feel good about the more able to your motives of why they want us to be say, like your money, they went her body. Your body. On one small Dada. Okay. What do you guys grateful for Kelly? On my lap right now. Oh, Kelly kid. Did you love her though? Am I going to smell like a skunk now? I don't know. No, she doesn't. I, he's better now I'm grateful for Canada. I love candidate. I actually, I'm fine, Canada, too. I love the Justin. Trudeau is my prime minister is love that every time I get a Bill from the hospital for this God damn accident. I'm like, what? In Canada? This would never happen. I just love Canada. It's such a polite passive aggressive country, and they love it. Like I do love Canada. I love working in Canada. They're everyone's so Mike. The two people in Canada atmosphere gratitude. I'm thankful for Canada. Japan. Thanks would love it because every so yeah, you're so play. Wait until lines. Yeah, roles, it's the mess. I do your own personal space does best. I'm grateful that I don't have to like wake up every morning and put on makeup and do my hair because you know what? I really, I realize that I love not getting. I love not getting ready. I love being able to be bomb slob. Yeah, but there's women out there most women. It's like you've to wake up at six thirty in the morning. You take your shower, you blow dry your hair, you flat iron your hair. You put on your makeup every single day, and I don't have to do that. Pink God. If I just take a shower and curl my hair every morning, I put a makeup feel helpless. When I have my scare on you guys literally complement me anytime I have a stitch of makeup on 'cause shocking. I feel you Jack, what are you grateful for. So okay. Don't have a paycheck just so you guys out there don't let me right. I'm so beautiful. We don't need make up to do the spot gas..

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