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Old commercial about the maytag repairman elliott do for a living i sell chrysler's there are so many industries that we have in our country that are in the middle of radical change certainly retailing is one of them anything that has to do with communication the newspaper businesses dying in front of us they're switching to online products the cord cutting that's going on with television some people are wondering if the television networks are going to survive will all of a simply be getting all of our television from online services will be there any need for cable satellite at all we could go on and on and about all of them the automobile business is another one you wonder why it took the car manufacturers so long to figure it out but clearly when the suv was invented and then turned into all the different derivation of it they offered up a product that the american consumer apparently wanted in droves it certainly isn't anything i would have been ticipant you may recall my comment the first time i saw nissan murata which was the first vehicle that i thought really looked like a crossover i said this is really really interesting and it's not that bad looking but what does it do that a car and a truck couldn't do better and the answer is probably doesn't do anything better than a car and it doesn't do anything better than a truck and it doesn't do anything better than an suv with those crossovers do however do is give you the best compromise of all of them and that's something that the american public really wanted when you think of christ there i mean we used to think of three car brands in the united states as defining chevy ford and chrysler and then everybody else a division or a second tier or third tier chrysler now going the way apparently of sears and again this is auto weeks report i don't know if it's correct or not but let me get it two sentences from it ca boss sergio marchi odi maniacs the brand as soon as tomorrow at the exit from the united states possible to tea leaves enter imprecise when it comes to the binding the future but it's at chrysler automobiles ceo sergio marchi oni leftists no other signs of what what the next five years hold for the automaker is about.

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