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You know don't don't look at them, but I'll grant ranchers kicking those turtles. For Big to show him. WHO's there, so they're so clever? Their with their their fun little so fucking out. Of People's misunderstanding of how the system works. Every it's B. L. M. Land, and for people who don't know. That's federal land that everybody owns its public. Everybody, every taxpayer in this country owns that land, and it is extremely common, not just for the Bundy's, but for people who used that land act like it's their fucking property, Yep and that nobody else has any business having even having an opinion about that's right. It's a fucking nightmare here in the west and the Bundy's are are maybe not even the worst violators of it, but there you go well I think they are the the the they would let their herds roam free, often cutting fences and causing damage to the land and their neighbors herds. The bundy cattle were notorious in the area for being underfed, feral, generally destructive. Neighbors constantly complained to 'em, but both neighbors in the were wary of a confrontation with with Cliven Bundy because of his affiliations, like I, said nosy-be l. m. vehicles often returned with bullet holes. That's so crazy. This all came to a head in two thousand fourteen, when the M had finally had enough. And began to round up. Bundy's rogue cattle to settle his debt. This led to a small scuffle on dusty Nevada road when a couple of Bundy's elder children, Ammon and Ryan remember those names. And several armed friends, the agents ammon kicked a police dog for which he did. Get taste. However, the bill was outnumbered and outgunned, so they retreated. No arrests were made. So just contextualized that scene with what we're watching happening in our streets. Put out a call for armed militants to come to his aid and boy, did they? Heavily, armed militiamen from all over the West Deci descended on Bunkerville complete with high-powered assault rifles. SCOPES SNIPER RIFLES BULLETPROOF VESTS..

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