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Thirty two degrees. Saint Nicholas academy in reading needing to come up with about two hundred thousand dollars in less than two weeks after two of the three churches that supported the school app stopped at the academy cannot come up with that money. They will have to shut their doors. Holy trinity in Norwood in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, which is in the same building is Saint Nick are cutting funds as well. It went from eighteen percent down. Onto ten this year then next year to nothing the third parish in deer park will continue to give ten percent during a visit to the Pentagon later today. President Donald Trump will unveil the long-awaited missile defense review will call for a focus on new space technologies to enhance current missile defense systems that can defend the US from North Korean and Iranian long range. Missiles ABC news has learned that new technologies include better space based sensors able to detect missiles before they launch and studying whether drones armed with long-range lasers could destroy a missile shortly after takeoff. We Martinez ABC news Washington. An American anchor woman on Iranian state TV detained in Saint Louis where she had been filming a documentary on the black lives matter movement, her family wanting to know why she was detained. The Iranian TV anchorwoman Marsin Hashemi was arrested at Saint Louis Lambert international airport as she was about to board a flight to Denver to visit family. Her son says she was. Fall into Washington. But he does not know why she was detained in an Email. The FBI will not comment on the arrest. Hashemi has worked for a rainy and TV for twenty five years and travels to the US each year to visit relatives the move comes as Iran is coming under increasing fire for entertaining dual citizens and other people with western ties Kent Martin ABC news, Saint Louis.

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