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P W b A P Does home we discussed disrupting illegal gun trafficking. Now the gun lobby wants you to believe that cities that are the toughest gun had the toughest gun laws still have the highest rates of gun violence, as was pointed out by the group we had today in our roundtable. The the violence is so they argue. Why do you need those gun laws if they don't work in cities that have tough loss? Well, that's a That's a question that I'd like an answer to all I heard. Was. Let's do more government programs. Let's throw more. Of course, this is the Democrats answer to everything. Let's throw more money at it. And let's crack down on gun dealers. If I heard the word dealer once I heard it 50 times, Good friend of mine has ego Gun range, two locations here in Dallas. Great guy. You won't find a nicer guy. More honest guy and the owner of Ego Gun range David Princes with me, David. What did you think? I mean, I can't even I don't even know how to start a conversation on what I just saw. Uh, I have to believe the same thing you do is just the gun dealers was mentioned a lot. You know you not talk a lot recall with a period of time and we've said over and over again. We don't have a lack of laws. We have a lack of law enforcement. And you can't have law enforcement unless you have more police officers, So I'm glad he's turned somewhat around and saying, Look, we can't enforce laws police officer So let's Hire more police officers. What's kind of aggravating to me is all this federal money is now going to have to go to these five cities, Six cities that he named over and over again of doubt. You know, they've defunded their police. So now the rest of the nation has got to Tony up to help them with their crime. And it's ridiculous. I mean, they've laid off defunded their police. Villainized their police. And now we, the rest of the country who believe in law enforcement are now forced to support their Corrupt. City governments, So it's just it's sad. The gun dealers you know, there is a law against that for a long time. He did mention it. A T F doesn't have the personnel to prosecute them, and that's that's been true. The police department can't go after the firearm trafficking. I don't know. In addition to a shooting range, you sell firearms. Um all types of firearms. You do background checks. You do everything you're supposed to do under the letter of the law, and most dealers do so. I guess his point and I'm still struggling, trying to make sense of what he said in those lucid moments he had behind the mic. I'm still trying to figure out what he means. Well, you know these bad drug drug dealers, these bad gun dealers. What did he mentioned? 5%. I mean, you already do everything under the law. He was making the argument for exactly the opposite of what All those cities have done. You need more cops. You need more law enforcement. To inform Of course, he went off the rails. Do that Sugary, sweet liberal left. Well, if we just had more basketball goals or a summer work programs, we wouldn't see these crimes. What What the what is he talking about? Yeah. I mean, I don't mind The devil's workshop, according to his mom, and that's at least we got that part out of him. That was lucid. The, uh you got to keep kids busy, which is great, But the rest of the world has got to pay for it all the United States that have good programs and healthy families. Are going to have to go in and pay for all of this. Um, he just Yeah, See, now it's all I can say. You know, I think you're probably right. David Prints owner of Ego Gun range. Um I appreciate very much your coming on at the last minute. Uh, you know, I can't imagine. As a as a reputable state of the art gun center like you have having to listen to this, and he just he seemed to throw everybody into the mix because he doesn't have a plan. David Prince. Thank you so much, my friend. I appreciate it very, very much. I am totally out of time. My email is literally levitating. Um,.

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