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Now for the Tom Davis Diaries, I'd like to refer to them as the We're back, man. Hello, Tommy. Good morning, Gary. Jack, How are you? Great. How are you? Home reeling from the new reality wait, But wait, there's more, go ahead dangerous animals, water in the schools and a little too much p D A and Myrtle Beach but first Strange things were happening in Mobile, Alabama. A man was peacefully resting in his own home totally asleep in his bed. When a noise welcome up when he said if he thought he was dreaming, was there really a woman sitting on the end of his bed? If he's still a sleeper. Was she? In fact real and I can't come to your eating slices of pepperoni from a bad And did he was not dreaming. You get out of bed, shut the woman out of his house. Police found Jackie Brandon and charge her with second degree burglary. Apparently it was his drink. She was drinking and his meat she was eating. Meanwhile, in Colorado, kids and teachers alike were spooked when a coyote team walking to the school and just to be clear, we're talking about the animal, not the guys who get paid to run illegals over the border, the vicious creature more than the meantime, Morton draft off it was eventually found in a bathroom. Nobody was hurt the school nicknamed him, Wiley. Imagine a romantic straight and beautiful Myrtle Beach. Imagine being so into it. You can't help yourself in public. That was the situation for one couple who were caught making love on a Ferris wheel. Believe it or not. It was the second time that week they've been caught. The first time was in a pool. We're just protest in the medics or social distancing. And finally now more than ever. We the people despise our elected leaders and just with defecting and time corrupt institution in the bunch of the ground. Our representative like Justin Humphrey comes along. Improves your right. Justin has introduced a bill that its own state of Oklahoma to establish a Bigfoot hunting season. He was proposed to $25,000 reward for the first person states. Bag a Bigfoot. We only tell hunters are being urged to stay out of Oklahoma for the next couple months. That's weak man out of him personally talked to steal doughnuts. Have a great weekend. Thank you, Tommy 700 wlw..

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