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And on the outside, how do you make your money, but Aubrey had a wins in the glorious song steaks. Cassie's beautiful empire, owned by John oxley, will make her second straight start at woodbine after 5 races. The chestnut daughter of classic empire brings a record of two one and one from 6 starts into the star shoot. An Irish Fred diabolik won the first three starts of her career, including victories in the my dear stakes and catch a glimpse last year at the Toronto oval. The star shoot is race 8 on Saturday's ten race card at woodbine. First post is one 10 p.m. and that's your north of the border report for this Saturday morning for more updates and racing information visit woodbine dot com or follow along on Twitter at woodbine TV. Hi, this is jockey drayden Van Dyke. You're listening to. You're listening to the equine forum on HR RN presented by twin spires. Kavadas in front, but newgrange is alongside in second and ethereal road is running a big one three wide in third. On a whole host back to fourth chasing time is 5 off the lead. And here's ethereal road outside of kavadh and these tour matching strides, and they put two links on new grades. Barbara road is next to the outside chasing time. It is ethereal road and kabob coming to the wire ethereal road has the lead. Kavadh. To the inside, ethereal road. A final charge from un. Welcome back to the equine forum presented by twins fires on the horse racing radio network, Vic stauffer with the call of the grade two rebel at Oakland that was back on February 26th and a massive upset by uno, the one eyed New York bread who scored at 75.

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