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Right now, if you turn on the TV, that's not a vote you're seeing on peach mint. That is a vote to begin the debate on impeachment, and so far, there's not a single Republican vote. Open that I think there will be a few. There's only a few not voting. There's eight not voting Republicans so far, so we'll see how many even vote to open up the debate right now we know it's going to be under 10. So I mean, there's even less than 10 to have a debate on this. So Nancy Pelosi effectively did her job of making sure that you did not get to even probably double digits. When it comes to Republicans support this, A piece of that is a big change. From where we were just two days ago, even yesterday and yesterday yesterday, Dad on the board money. I was always David Brody in the afternoon after our broadcast and said you were working with our governor affairs team worked with these officers. They said, like they expected there could be 20 to 25. But but That all depend on kind of language and what would happen and so there's your who got appointed to be on the team, which again? I think right there. The impeachment managers putting on Ted Lieu and especially Eric Swalwell, who's under investigation right now, because his relationship with the Chinese spy in his office even Jamie Raskin, who, as you pointed out earlier took the position in the trump election that votes cast were not valid and objected. Yes, he was one of the objectors who put it stays with the house. Objections and and again his theory of the under the way they drafted those articles of impeachment. Under his theory, his own objection could constitute an interference. I mean, like insurrection, or some kind of let me ask a question, though. As it goes to the Let's assume it passes because it's gonna pass. It will be an article of impeachment. So then it goes to the Senate, Others there. They get unanimous consent, they could come back. That's not likely. But there's a lot of talking. That certainly was last night about this 2004 statute. Let's explain that and what's the likelihood? Yeah, and the 2004 resolution J. That really would apply, regardless of whether it's leader, McConnell or leader Schumer in control of the chamber. Right now, the Senate's in a posture where they can receive notification of the impeachment, but J. They cannot actually receive the managers in order to present the articles. The Senate actually has to notify the house that they're ready to receive those managers before they can do it as the Senate sits right now, J. They're not going to be in that posture again until January, 19th and, according to leader McConnell, he doesn't plan to change that posture. Now, according to the resolution that you're talking about both the majority leader and the minority leader, So that would be Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell again, regardless of who's actually in the majority would be those two individuals. They could agree to come back on an emergency basis without unanimous consent. So that's what's being discussed. Now. That would be the on Lee way outside of unanimous consent that they could get in a posh Your toe actually receive the articles before January 19th and the only thing I would add to that Jay is what Let's say they invoke that. Let's say they do that, and they come back a few days early. This goes to Jordan's point that he opened the broadcast with there's still no way they're going to get through a full and fair trial before Joe Biden's inaugurated. Yeah, what I what I want everyone to kind of focusing on is this which I think Is important. Take a listen. Take a listen to the speeches being made by Democrats. This is Congressman govern. Uh, this is this is what they're saying. While they're trying supposedly the bipartisan support Now take a listen by 24 37. Some of my Republican friends have been trying to lecture us about unity here today. Unity or after they voted to overturn a free and fair election in the United States of America, but also preaching unity. And not acknowledging that for four years, many of them gave oxygen that Donald Trump's conspiracy theories to the big lies. What were those big lies that he was being spied on by the FBI. He was that he had that he had. I mean, what are CC? But by doing that You are casting blame on all Republicans and then you are dividing the country and by the way you don't get to those 17 Republican senators. You might be, you won't actually impede. Even if you can do this, You won't be able to disqualify him from running again. And you might so divide the country again. They say you know what? Trump 2024 just because of this They're risking that I think the Democrats yeah, now because they're casting blame on all Republicans. Thus all Republican voters since anyone who supported President Trump were there like impeaching you, too. No, It's interesting when you do a jury trial than India and you look at your jury pool. And you try to focus on what is the compelling story that's going to reach the jury that you have to get. And here and it seems like they look at the jury pool. Which is the United States Congress on they say. How can we run off half the half the jury pool? Yeah, that's exactly right. What? Eric Swalwell. And Jamie Raskin, who objected and 10 Lou, who files Markham plays against every lawyer. He doesn't like. That's right. Yeah, including us. Well, let me just say this when I saw the list of the managers when I saw the list of the managers and I saw the name of Ted Lieu and Eric Swalwell on that list, I almost retched. I mean, too. When you see you talk about a political Ah process. Yes, I understand. It's a political process. I understand that, but I mean, here's a person who had a Chinese five, picking the interns for his office and raising money for him. And and Nancy Pelosi, you know, just puts this off to the side like it never happened and she puts him on. It's one of the managers. I mean, terrible, but it also West tells me That They go. They know. You know, they make this serious accusation that the president incited insurrection. That's a serious statement. And then to handle the serious statement. They put on Ted Lieu and Eric Swalwell. Yeah, it's obvious that they may be dividing the jury pool in Congress but with the American people It shows a great amount of arrogance and tone deafness, But I think most Americans are with Mike Pence. They want unity and healing. And it's obvious from their decision. Who are who? The impeachment managers. RJ..

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