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For talent and research connections. Let's change the world together. It's for 18 traffic and weather on the eight sand when it breaks they built in in the nobody will be traffic center. Okay. We seem to have a problem with Dave. We hold on Just a second, Dave. Let's see if we got you again. Yep. I think we've got it Rectified. All right. In Northwest D. C. Tacoma Police had Georgia Avenue block near and just north of Aspen Street. And that was for crash investigation and near the Maryland D. C line. South bound traffic on Kennel Worth Avenue two Oh, one toward D. C. To 95 getting around police activity by staying left so far with just a brief delay. North bound traffic is slow on 2 95 from the 11th Street Bridge into Maryland, Baltimore Washington Parkway, Just normal slowdowns near the Beltway, but rain delays as you head north toward Baltimore on 2 95 and on I 95 very heavy and soggy. Getting out of Howard County into Baltimore. 50 weather's fine fair enough for two way traffic in eastbound delays are easing with three lanes open buoy 1 97 just south of 50 still single file getting by the work zone to 70 Dortmund heavy through Gaithersburg, But the crash before Germantown Middlebrook Road is clear. The outer loop traffic as slow as usual toward the Legion bridge, but on the inner loop coming out of Virginia little heavier, the second crash in the afternoon on the Legion Bridge in the right transition Lane Shogun Virginia 28, Beyond Westfield's Boulevard toward Braddock Road. The crash still backing up south on traffic on 28, There is a pair of crashes on 50 between 28. And Centerville Road. Also slowing the pace through Chantilly on Route 50 in Annandale, 2 36 Little Return Pike eastbound near Medford Drive the crash. Initially, traffic was stopped. 95 southbound mainline, just heavy toward Woodbridge as usual, but in the express lanes southbound beyond Fairfax County Parkway, one into the Jersey Wall, the right side of the E Z Pass Lanes reported blocked businesses on the eastern shore. Thrilled to have you back show your support by going early and staying late for 24 7 Bay Bridge traffic call 1877 Day span. Dave Tilden. W T o P Traffic. Hey, Amelia. We've got a severe thunderstorm warning out there. We have a few out there. Hillary, the latest in effect for parts of Shenandoah, Rockingham and Hardy counties until five PM we have another severe thunderstorm.

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