CNN, Mr. Kosta, Hillary Clinton discussed on Red Eye Radio


Against the White House. John. Hi, you're on Red Eye Radio. Welcome to the show. Hey, good morning guys. I had to call in for all the lives out there that are backing the failing CNN because of the fact that I can offer my expertise. So he was you say as an expert witness in this case why because I have two teenage children. I want to say about this is the fact that there's a word there that's been introduced a lot of times lately in the political landscape. Most recently was Hillary Clinton is called intent as an expert in this. How by having two children that are teenagers is affected. I can tell intent when I see it. I seen Mr. Kosta. The intent was to push away and brush away that intern. There's no doubt about it. Whether he only brush your little bit. Maybe that matters as fast as how fast to get away from him. Or what is intent was though, what's the brush her away if she was closer to brush would have been more physical. If he was she was further away. It would have been less physical. But the intent was clearly to physically brush her away. There's no doubt about it. This case is so frivolous. I mean, anyone who has kids can understand that. This was the intent was to push this person away. And that's not to be tolerated in this kind of atmosphere when you're acting like that this man should be mature enough and grown up enough to understand that he can't act that way. And when acting that way, he should accept the consequences. That's basically simple straightforward. It should be a slam dunk case. And I just can't believe the lips even can just try to do this kind of thing and bring this kind of stuff up it just underestimate it just hurts their credibility overall. Well, if you notice the only defense is let's not actually talk about the incident. Right, right. That's our only defense. They will not talk about the incident. They will not go point by point on it. They'll make accusations as they do. Well, it's just because Trump doesn't like his questions will that's not the case because they had completed the question and the follow up which is protocol president called on him in the first call him in the first place did it and then was ready to move onto the next person. He wouldn't give up the microphone. That's what caused the entire encounter. Yeah. All of it up. And you're you're not gonna you know, that's that's not going to. You're not going to be able to get around that. Because you look at that incident. And the entire incident as a whole, and there's no point to be made by CNN legally doesn't mean a judge won't favor. CNN just means that if you're going to have the real debate here if you're going to look at the real issue, it's cut and dry. This is a publicity thing for CNN. Nothing. More nothing less. They're paying for publicity. That's what they're paying. They win either way. Right. If they lose in court while then you try and make Jim the martyr. The victim Gemma cost the victim. He's loving it. He's a victim. Yeah. Well, again, I go back to the the other reporters in that room. You know, you had a number of them as as he asked his follow up after he asked his follower. Well, then they start raising their hand. Right knowing what the processes because you sit and we had pointed that out the hands right going up.

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