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The and george struck up an acquaintance by the close of george's second hour imprison you've been trained by the boy thoroughly in the singular art of lhasa wing rats with a new semate from twine by the time a lawyer arrived with georgia's release papers george had scored an impressive nine ebeid farewell to the boy in the south and also to argentina the loya had succeeded in having george released from prison but only upon the condition that such a troublemaker and not be allowed to remain country he was forced to board a boat bound for europe and within a week had become england's problem george found a position that lever brothers in london and feigned interest in a job the required into liaise with clients and the tend to them marketing requirements he would have stayed only momentarily in the row had it not being the presence of a red head in the market research department whose name was eileen and who'd sned is i each day you would present himself a tide incentive at the office and watched as several dozen other admirers attempted to win but market research was infinitely more important to this carmine head siren than collecting the scalps of the lever brothers letharic and each dapper gentlemen at her door found his overtures rebuffed and repelled all that was except for george there was something attract eileen decided about the way he never pushed his way to the front of the milling mob in the way he gently shook his head when an upstart executive attempted to become a luncheon partner and there was something down not infuriating in the fact that he never once tried to pick her up tell me mr sanders she said to him one afternoon in husky voice how do you feel about the id.

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