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Gerry McNamara on regarding radio and he is coming on Gerry McNamara eight six six ninety right I when we look at the the big picture and I said this yesterday and and I still stick by it when you know the the the so called experts are you know looking at I won and what happened what did not happen what did not happen in the counties that when Obama Obama trump you didn't have a large turnout and that's what they were expecting right and these are the part of the two hundred counties Scott Rasmussen is talked about it before the the the poster that the Democrats lost these are two hundred counties that went and voted for Obama than Obama than trump and so it's very important in for Democrats in the primary to see that there's a lot of excitement to remove trump one of the things I said yesterday in a and I'll stick by this is if you were a Democrat who decided to vote for trump what has he done to make you not vote for him again right be the reason what would be there the the the reason well he's out of control Democrats have made that point when he was running for president in well the things that he says he was saying those things before he became president you voted for him you've already accepted who he is you voted for him because and and I believe most Democrats voted for him I think the research would back me up on it and and the polling would back me up on the Democrats voted for because they thought this guy who cares about American will get jobs force yeah well wait when you when you look at the unemployment rate when you look at the participation rate which is I believe the highest in a few years I don't know how far Rickles back but that just you know came out last week with the participation rate I don't I remember reading about it and I don't know did that go back to two thousand one the greatest since two thousand one dissipation rail was at twenty thirteen I don't know I'll double check which which which one it was but the the the fact is when there's a tight labor market people feel it they know it's easier to get a job and so that's the only thing that matters to them so I really don't know and it's a serious question it's not a I'm not trying to be in any way over the top in a rhetorical way it's simply tell me why Democrats and independents who voted for trump after voting for Obama in those counties two years in a row would have that what Richard may not two years to two different times who voted for Obama and then decided we've had enough for him are voting for trump what changes them to vote for somebody who was not trump I don't know nobody's explain that to me what is the incentive to do so where they're getting sick and tired of all that they voted for him did does anybody who voted for this anybody who voted for trump you may be surprised at the level to the insanity of the Democrats but did anybody think that this was going to be smooth sailing did anybody think that Democrats were gonna cut it well we've accepted this guy did anybody expected that was going to happen the Democrats were going to accept him that the the amount of insane rage is we call Eid TV S. acute trump derangement syndrome anybody surprised at it not really I think if you're.

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