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Is this going to get your. Aws guys over. Is this going to work out for sky. And is this going to work out for evan. Page ethan page ethan page. That's my only concern because right now there's a lot of focus on the main people. Lambert is a huge presence. And there's a lot of people other american top team. There's a lot of people in their scorpio. Even i kinda worried. They're getting lost in the mix here. He w are no dummies. But i'm just gonna keep an eye on this we head on over to dynamite on saturday. malachi black and dante martin was. It was such a treat. It was a treat wasn't my right. Wasn't that match a treat. And i'm gonna tell you straight now immediately y'all gonna stop with the With oh is is malachi black. He'll they need to turn them faces. Getting cheater. malachi black comes out in the middle. He comes out through the center. Doesn't come out of the baby-faced doesn't come out of the he'll tunnel. He comes down straight the middle. This is a dude who doesn't have an alignment. Exactly like cody. Cody has said it before. I'm not a not a baby face. Well guess what neither is malachi black so whatever reactions that they are garnering those are organic and it's the ones that they it's the ones that they want. The they want the audience to react. You think they really have a problem with the audience. Booing cody don't care. That cody's getting booed code getting a reaction. You think they care that malachi black is getting cheered. No black getting reaction and big reactions at that. This baby face. He has to be. he doesn't have to be anything. And it's clear if you if you follow how the fucking ring things that the entrance things work. It is clear as day that malachi black is neither here nor baby face. He just comes out to.

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