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Friday with Sunshine Heat Index values tomorrow and Friday up to one. Oh, three right now. 91 degrees at the DFW Airport. A group of Democratic and Republican senators are trying to get support for their bipartisan infrastructure deal. But some Democratic leaders are forging ahead with discussions on a lot broader package. Some say that's to appease the progressive members of their party Senator Tom Scott was on Fox News Primetime to discuss the possible by Partisanship that makes me nervous. Anytime I watch Chuck Schumer used his position of power to look for work around a bipartisan solution. If that is the case, we have to be very careful. Some Democratic leaders have pushed for budget reconciliation. That means congressional Democrats could pass President Biden this plan without any Republican support. Electric Reliability Council of Texas says generation continues to come back online amid an ongoing requests to conserve power that lasts through the end of the week. We attribute much of where we are today to the help of Texans who supported us during our conservation appeal and helped us flatten load on the system over the past couple of days. Leslie Sopko with ERCOT says it remains unlikely to the tight grid conditions will lead to force. Outages like we saw statewide back in February. Right now it's 91 degrees in downtown Dallas from the W B A P News desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. You're next update will be at nine o'clock and you can always find 24 7 coverage at w b a p dot com If you're back in the office or working from home Feel free to listen on your computer at W. Bob, come wherever you want us Whenever you want. US news talking W.

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