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The stats sheet. Like nobody game. So he played I played forty seven minutes in game. So what? So what what else he's supposed to do if he's differ thirty seven thirty eight minutes, forty minutes in the playoff most. No most nights. What's he supposed to do? So you know, what? I don't want this assess because if I get a triple double I don't want this rebound people going to say, I'm stuffing stash it all out care about is that I don't care about the ploughs. I care about some Tuesday night at Orlando when he used to be in Cleveland, and he would play forty two minutes, a triple double. And I'd say you were head by thirty five. Then why you just complain about him not playing enough that was in Cleveland when they had the cakewalk to the finals here in the postseason. He's running out again. No, he's not running out again. Did he leave is gas in Orlando on that Tuesday night? He plays the most in the playoffs every year skip. Okay. That's fine. Last two years. He played the most minutes in all about. Still put folks puts them in the least he did. Gotta be out on he's gonna play the minutes. He asked to be out there in order for his teams to be successful. He has to be on that that BI in coups K DNA, Anthony Davis say that to say exactly so he got the play though, when he says when the money's really really really, you know, who's going to be there in coups MMA. Thanks. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Jenny Taft. Join us again same time tomorrow morning, nine thirty eastern..

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