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Coming up on tech nation one way or another it's all about the brave our main interview today focuses on militaryrelated ptsd i speak with dr seth letterman from tonics pharmaceuticals they are drug has been fasttracked by the f ta then on tech nation health chief correspondent daniel craft and i speak with jordan amodio about the emerging technology in the field of neurosurgery and dr elliott gould steam from promise neurosciences tells us that is not just any clash that brings about alzheimer's all this coming up on this week's tech nation let's take fought with more regard this is five minutes well i was taking a lift the other day and a few blocks remind home the driver suddenly said oh look there's one of our driverless cars i turned and saw car with a contraption on its roof which looked like a google map car with a decent job there is a driver and their right i immediately asked oh yes said my driver but he's not supposed to interfere unless something goes wrong that he takes over the steering wheel he proceeded to demonstrate taking over the steering wheel although we already had his hands on the steering wheel so is either a mock demonstration why was missing something key about how a driver and a driverless car takes control even so there is a bigger issue here regarding trust and by that i mean trust that this technology is really going to work day in day out ride in ride out in the three weeks into this very month san francisco has had four accidents with driverless cars and in all four the other guy was at fault and by other guy of course i mean a real guy and not a driverless attendant who was ready to take the wheel it's hard to figure out what to do with the statistic since we don't know how many driverless cars are running around while we all suspect there are plenty of fender benders in san francisco every day being human myself i think there's a basic flaw in thinking the driverless car safety records will build trust in.

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