Antonio Brown, Levy, Bell discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


They did talk the bills and Rosenhaus did talk about money. So I don't know why. But the fact that maybe the money didn't work out or the compensation didn't work out or whatever. But that led to two words to be posted by Tonio Brown last night. Amidst the entire social media landscape going like wildfire amongst those who are excited about him going buffalo because you're either bills fan or excited about going to buffalo because you think that that is the worst possible destination for Antonio Brown to have wanted to go to and you can't you you couldn't hope for mister big just to just take it on the chain in that regard, even more or whatever you reasoning. It was just put everywhere it was so fun last night for like an hour for about an hour and a half. Great. It was awesome. So on Instagram, the NFL posts Ian Rapoport story to which aby chimed in fake news. Fake news with the what is at the popcorn emoji. The ride is. Sirena siren. Fake news fake news. So guess what you re our Friday. The Steelers in Tony Brown's got three options k stay put go wherever the heck still going to send him because he has no control over it or threaten to retire. Sit out and he'll get find money. Because unlike Levy on bell he's under contract that was never unconscious conscious never signed his his his tender. He had no contract. So you couldn't be fine. So those those three options, and that's his only option if he's being sent to a team that won't that that he doesn't wanna go to. He'll just say I'm not showing up. Which a lot of rumors is what he told the bills not common. Don't don't acquire me. Stop stop the presses. Mr. big chest, man. This is all just absolute. Drama delicious drama..

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