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You same bolt bust justin gatling do it in the olympics i bet you jason taylor's beautiful sent is still prominent in canton air it stays with you per days sometimes weeks jerry jones just know this you might be a hall of famer but in my own personal record book you're not i love this throughout its own personal record book in my own personal ripta record book jerry jones does not own the goal jacket ryan tana hill out for a long time adam schefter was right that knee was a ticking time bomb dolphin pain that would have been good to know by the way before he went down by every single jumper was right therefore as after he grumbled amazon gold is that a little bit earlier than that dolphin dense smoke if you've got him tom brady talking about his guy said it's none of our business hey tommy your wife made it our business the best part of jason taylor's hall of fame speech was him never met jiting bill parcells the big tuna if you granted each hall of fame bust five minutes to do whatever it wants jason taylor's bust would kick the living bleep out of bill parcells colin gathered you're just to serious quarterback injuries away from getting a job through just naviera scripted and ponders gonna megan area we'll see jay cutler has decided to take his below average salads and a cartons of cigarettes two south beach like jason taylor one day.

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