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Marty Brennaman Danny grades you boys called it what are your thoughts on this big Reds win today thank you very much Tommy well I guess we saw the reversal of trends so to speak last night it was a red who rallied late to tie it up only to lose a game Daddy and today it was a red who had the lead all day long before the Braves came back to tie it up within the Reds come out on top of the three run home run by Tucker Barnhart yeah huge huge hit from talker and and and what kept that any going is the rookie error Stevie's Aquino he had a great at bat to out hit with got a single demi glace is got a single to give Tucker that chance but yeah I was a definitely a great performance from Sonny gray spoiled by the bull pen a little bit but I mean what can you say about how good Sonny was today well I think from my money is one of the top five pitching performances I've seen this season by a red started for him to pitch the way he did for seven innings when you look back on those innings it he gave up a first inning leadoff double a **** your junior got out of that gave up a leadoff double to Austin rally in the fourth inning no problem the first two batters reach in the sixth inning they hung with them and they were rewarded with him pitching out of still another jam but for the most part he seemed to be in control pretty much all day making all of his pitches and of course he has great mound presence every time he goes out there you know what it's it's amazing watching him as much as I've got to see him this year he just continues to get better better when guys are on base when he's in those pressure situations and what he did feeling his position made a great play what he did with the bat he did everything today he did everything except get a win but the red get to go home with the big W. here again in Atlanta yeah so they get displayed here and now they go back home to take on the angels they got Louise Casteel on the mound tomorrow night against a young man of course fifty for the first time in the big leagues and Patrick sand of all and should be an interesting to game get together without American League west ball club yeah it is the game Louise Casteel get the pitch to Mike trout and Albert Pujols well you don't want to miss that there's a chance to get their person you better get their person well the rest will have a happy playing heading on back to Cincinnati it look very very dim in that night Dinning and of course they came out of it we greatly especially with Robert Stevenson striking out Adam duvall with runners at second and third the winning run a third and then getting tensioner Brian began to balance out and then the whole run by Tucker born hard to win it tomorrow night back against the angels in the opener of two six four Redlegs intent Tommy back to you all right thanks a lot Marty hand that Reds game recap was brought to you by first financial bank we go beyond banking by putting you first first financial bank member FDIC we have a check and scores from around Major League Baseball with the read post.

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