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Hi. Dave. Gilbert Gottfried I'm here with my co host Frank Santo by Jerry. Gill were doing it again. What last week we took our first week off in three hundred and thirty something weeks. Yes we put. We put up a best of Gilbert the best of Johnny Yeah I yeah, and sharrow will be making Charles. De Joan embry is bringing on a to Ken. Monte rock the Thursday Serramonte Rock. Best of Carson this is the best of Gilbert. We're going to run an episode of from twenty eighteen with a great actor comedian. Patton. oswalt. This one is memorable because it was recorded the same day if you remember but we did this nutmeg with Frankfurt Arosa this was recorded the same day that authorities captured the golden state killer a fascinating. Yes. Even, though patent was having an insane day a chaotic day he still kept the appointment with US still needs to push his wife which doing that in-depth book. Yes. About I think. His late wife Michelle McNamara. And then after she died, he took over the book. That day they caught the killer and he did the show. Yeah, he was he's a standup guy. You should pardon the expression and he he kept his commitment to us even though he had a million reasons to to bail and reschedule angle. Very Fun entertaining. Interview Yeah we've spent the first fifteen minutes of the show talking about the pursuit of the of the the golden state killer, the capture, and his late wife Michelle's Dogged determination and how she spent years devoting her life to this. There's also some fun stuff about Radha to we. Seek, you talk about sequels, two movies that you wanted to see like a sequel to titanic yet. We talked about B movies and revival houses and the new beverly and Blacula edney lament and all kinds of things and even a mention of Gloria Swanson Chimp. Love. Show my God. Yes this episode so And are doing something again here for the second week that we haven't done in many many years and that's take a little time for ourselves. So. We're going to take a much needed rest and break. These are hilarious episodes gaffe again last week Patton this week from two thousand, eighteen we hope you guys enjoy it. We hope you enjoy talk about the Malinga ships. Yes. It's required listening. So from twenty eighteen. Here's the best of show with the Great Patton oswalt enjoy..

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