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Sixty nine north bound down to a single lane near highway one oh one from seven to seven tomorrow Ken Barlow's father witness news forecast brought to you by southern lights were in for the hottest stretch of weather this season today very warm and humid the morning thunderstorms high of eighty seven down to sixty three tonight tomorrow mostly sunny and very warm and then on Sunday hot and humid with an isolated thunderstorm a high of ninety right now it's seventy one wherever you are whenever you want with my talk live streaming and on demand podcast right there in your pocket download today at my top one oh seven one dot com key word okay Alexis do not refresh okay okay I haven't B. R. ther we're trying to call you we want you on the phone when I tell you yeah I wonder on the phone when we say what I'm getting ready to say welcome back everybody Jason and Alexis in the morning on my talking to seven one we are in the final day of our ten day campaign to the neighborhood rebuilding fund helping out our new family members at the neighborhood development center our first call was forty thousand we blew past that in four days then we went to eighty thousand we blew past that then we went to we wanted to get a hundred thousand we began the broadcast this morning an hour and a half ago an hour and a half ago at ninety six thousand even be Arthur joins us on the phone because something just happened again hi are you there our guy but I'm here I've been listening all morning okay well Alexis I'm really getting you know I'm gonna need you to move out to your lawn for this time all right let me go over here okay just that commercial break we have raised another two thousand dollars which brings us to a hundred and two thousand thirty dollars I can't believe that that's unbelievable Alexa you gather your the baby's gonna start in.

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