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And this is all things considered from npr news i'm michelle martin we are coming to you this weekend from detroit from member station w d e t we came because fifty years ago parts of this city went up in flames in a pleasure detroiters of our one hundred square blocks are now under siege and now he walked through the area people shout from their homes what job on the sniper ordinary american diet in these three three hundred eighty sick or injured four hundred seventy seven building were damaged or destroy we've all boy all in our neighbourhood the hope is that they've been hit by bomb that's from the television broadcasts about what became known by some as the detroit riots by others as the uprisings or the rebellion we're going to spend a good part of the program today asking why this happened what it all meant and if there's anything the rest of the country can learn from it even now with but we will start with political news out of washington where it's also been a very if vent for week for that we turn to npr political correspondent don ganja who also happens to be a michigan native welcome on thanks for joining us thank you i wish i were there with a new way to glad to be here so let's start with a shakeup at the white house sean spicer is out as white house press secretary there's so much one could say about sean spicer's 10year but let's not even get into how he was immortalized by saturday nightlife but he is out and a man in anthony scaramucci is in as white house communications director he met reporters yesterday in the white house briefing room i just want to play a little bit of what he had to say talking about his new boss president trump easy genuinely a wonderful human being and i think you the members of congress get to know him better and get comfortable with him uh they're going to let him leave them to the right things for the american people so i think we're going to get the healthier okay so so what do we know about all this especially what do we know about anthony scaramucci while he's the kind of new york.

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