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Brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union visit Navy Federal Donald Work to get started today It's 9 28 on traffic and weather on the eights, now back to Jack Taylor in the Traffic Center. Just keeps getting slower in Maryland on 50 years. You approach Sandy Point coming in from Cape ST Clair going he's found you've only got the right lane getting by on the eastbound span, however. The left lane is blocked on the westbound span. We believe with two way preparation just hasn't started yet. So hopefully you'll have two lanes east in two lanes West right now to Lane's West. Better only one right lane getting by on the eastbound span there been under direction in Mount Airy 27. North found near I 70 a crash had been in the right lane, but the lanes may have been blocked. The accident had caused him delays going into Hagerstown 70 west near exit 28 for downs Ville Pike, the crash have been along the right side. Also the accident report in Ellicott City on 29 Up on there. I 70 off road activity to 70 north, near 80 in Havana. 95 South bound your 2 16 emergency work but off the shoulder to the right 95 South found near 1 98. Laura, we've had word of a broken down vehicle could be a water main Break District North Capitol Street near H Street without delay. Right now, I to 95 both ways between the 11th Street Bridge in the Super Parkway. The long term work is blocking the left lane. Now in Virginia, earlier had a big vehicle fire. It was on 95 North bound is headed into dumb freeze. The trouble was as you approached exit 1 52 along the right side. I think you're right Lane still black. The fire has been put out them. There was a truck crash. Maybe now out of the road out of Chantilly, 28 North Bend after Willard Road. The delay starting to ease the right side of the roadway had been blocked. 95 the rest of the trip North out of Dumb Freeze looks good into Springfield. 3 90 five's wide open from the Beltway Up toward the 14th on the rails. Mark Penn Line Train 4, 21 25 to 30 minute delay. The Ari Fredericksburg line Train. 3 14 1 hour late mechanical issues have it stopped outside of Quantico shop safe at local stores and restaurants in Montgomery County for a chance to win up to $1000 visit. Moco marketplace dot com To learn more. That's M O c o marketplace dot com Jack Taylor w T o p traffic And let's check here with Lauren Rick. It's a mix of sun and clouds today after a little bit of light snow with this morning south of D. C, maybe a coding on the ground. It'll be gone as we go through the mid morning, possibly early afternoon.

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