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Mark Robins for the second time this built those and Virginia Cavaliers this time to go to Charlottesville boy with a ten point win leaving UVA head coach Tony Bennett with an understanding of what needs change a different result for us. Life due to weather playing going to have to play it for cleaner game in a few areas. You know, they're they're quicker to the ball through thick athletes. Strong handed snatch some out of our hands. Some loose turnovers that led to the breakaways couple careless ones here and there, and then some walkout film, Israel. I'm sure things, but you can't beat a team like Duke, especially when they're shooting at that clip hit thirteen of Twenty-one threes in the ballgame. College scoreboard, number one hundred one feeding Florida by a dozen never foregin saga. Techy? Picked up victories. Number seventeen. Iowa State though, upset at home by nine hundred eighty three out of the NBA and some clubs were stunned Saturday at all the same way. Although the Celtics rockets were blowing twenty eight twenty six point leads at home. And losing meanwhile in Milwaukee, the league's best record by Orlando. Magic rabbit and go Briscoe dribble. Drive down the baseline on smell. Can't find anything back up top Isaac for four it up. Jonathan Isaac just knocked out his third three of the night. Ninety six nine of the game in Orlando with a call one eighty three the final that's the bucks worse. Lost of the season. Who says football is over..

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