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Jonesboro just pulled the mind control agents thing out of the red headed dudes head and i can't remember his name -culing and that's that's where it stopped. Let me know when you get to the episode cold yellow temperance yellow temperance. Yeah it's like episode twenty. I think it's around there but you'll you'll not. Actually you might not even need the the name of the episode. Let me know when you watch it. Okay out for it. I'm liking it so far. I think it's a damn fun show like it's over the top and i told you what it makes me think of the pot of greed saying as it's so funny every single time i think about it. Yeah so anyway This week on episode number two we watched and ranked all five craig. Daniel craig one through five james bond movies a starting with casino royale on sky fall specter. And no time to die Need to go to my Page here really think so. I'll go ahead and go. I with my no time to die thought or my My casino royale thoughts. I guess So i'll go through movie by movie and then we'll get we'll finish up with no time to die and then we'll score and rank them all at the end so Casino royale and. I guess i should read the synopsis. If you haven't seen many. Because like i had seen before but date i have not so. This is kind of an interesting. Like i've had you know since two thousand six when daniel craig i became james bond. I've watched these movies. Since then. So i was ten at the time so i know them pretty well. Danes gonna be seventeen. He's never seen any of these before. Don't say that that's a. I don't like thinking of me being seventeen so gross. Yeah i'm gonna be twenty five show. You're old you're old So casino royale dozen six after earning double a. Status in licensed to kill a secret agent. James bond sets out his first mission is double seven. Bond must defeat private banker funding terrorists. I stakes game poker casino. Royale.

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