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Days association released a statement saying manson's victims are the ones who should be remembered end mourned on the occasion of his death and its sister wansell victim sharon told abc news people are saying that there should be some kind relief but oddly enough it really isn't she went on to say that she prays for manson's y'all abc's lindsey davis nebraska regulators giving the keystone xl pipeline the thumbsup allowing them to build a line in the state you're listening to abc news i would be a yell at and wbalcom on error 979 fm hd 2 and wbal newsradio 1090 this he's wbal news now with bill vanko people are very to come and go again this afternoon in the west golden more neighborhood where a veteran baltimore leadoff was shot and killed last week city police finally lifted a cordon around part give the part of the harlem park neighborhood this morning it captive blocked off all weekend contained new fired the fatal shot wbal's karen campbell says some residents has been complaining over the weekend that they were being inconvenienced by having to show their ids to get into their own foul police have been thanking residents anyone who travelled through that area for their patience and understanding while they collect as much evidence as they can't physical forensic and other to find out who martyr detective john suitor so far there is no answer to that question they've been unable to find the killer despite a reward that's grown now to more than two hundred thousand dollars and as that sir continues for the killer of detective sooner and more than three hundred other homicides in the city this year a state senators offering a possible solution to the city's ongoing epidemic a and senator bill ferguson told wbal's brian nieman that baltimore's in crisis it's an emergency situation bogged wants the residents of baltimore to understand it is solvable woonoh that air strategy that other city have deployed if you look at what angela after the rai eight a comprehensive review of their police department put in really strategic targeted policing programmes wraparound supports working unity to give equal opportunity and then when when the bad guy decided to break down on the countable ferguson says the first step is to get some other agencies into relieve city police of some administrative tasks so they can concentrate on arrests john patty wbal newsradio 1090 going to talk turkey and.

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