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This is boxing with Chris Mannix or somebody punch him in the face Hosted by SI's Chris Mannix That was my moment now with interviews Analysis and everything going on in the world of boxing when you have talent you are given another chance. Here's Chris Mannix This is boxing with Chris Mannix part of the volume sports Podcast Network we are live on amp Make sure you get the first listen of every show on the volume network on amp Subscribe to the volume feed on amp subscribe to my feet at Chris Mannix on amp as well and never miss a show when it Comes out about a day earlier. So it's always good to get an early version of the episode We are loaded up on this show today. Cory Erdman writer boxing scene calm Broadcaster extraordinaire. He had a busy weekend last weekend, Tijuana, Los Angeles He'll be in Orlando with me this weekend for the rich the hitchens Jose Zepeda headline cards a matchroom card live on Dizzone we'll talk to Cory about all the news in boxing from Williams a paid his win This past weekends hitchens against the pay to some other things going on in boxing as well a little bit later Joe Joyce the juggernaut he will join me from England Joe has got a big rematch coming up on Saturday He's gonna take on Jay Li Zhang in a rematch of a fight that Joyce lost by knockout at Joe Joyce's advanced age Pretty much winter go home for Joe So a major moment for Joe Joyce over in the UK this we got to talk to him about that plus I get his take on Tyson Fury against Francis Nagano Joyce has had the experience of Sparring both men Tyson Fury and Francis Nagano gives me his take on how that fight could play out in Saudi Arabia About a month and a half from now But first Cory Erdman senior writer boxing scene calm racking up the miles over the last couple of weeks Tijuana, Los Angeles Orlando this weekend, hopefully you're getting some married points there as well Cory you did get a chance to see a pretty compelling Lightweight fighter. I'm not even gonna call Williams a paid a prospect anymore is on the cusp of 30 wins And he continues to beat quality opposition this time it was mercito Hesta who lasted all of five-plus rounds before Zepeda eventually stopped him He stopped him the same way that he stopped Hector Tanahara that he overwhelmed guys like Renee Alvarado and Joe Joe Diaz just an unbelievable Volume of punches is one of them the most prolific punchers in Boxing today against Hesta who like has to come up short in his most recent world title challenges But he was coming off a legitimate win over Joe Joe Diaz He had quality trainers in his corner led by Marvin Simodio and uh, he was just taken out, you know, five-plus rounds That was it for Mercito Hesta, so let's start there Your overall thoughts on Williams a paid his performance last Saturday I mean, he is just such an overwhelming volume puncher I think that he's taking volume punching almost to another level, you know I don't want to say that he's The busiest fighter that I've ever seen but he's right up there with the types of guys who have broken CompuBox numbers in the past, you know, super super volume punchers guys like Zach Padilla and you know Ray Olivera guys like that who throw like a hundred and twenty per round Manuel Medina He's taking it to another level and he's doing it on a high level, too You know, he's not just kind of like a Jesus Soto Karas type who is an extreme volume puncher But seems to have a ceiling we don't really know what Cepeda ceiling is right now But I think you were right in saying that he's no longer a prospect anymore This is a legitimate lightweight contender And in fact when you look at what Cepeda has accomplished right now the types of guys that he's beaten He doesn't have the resume of the big names that he's chasing right now He doesn't have the resume of you know, obviously a Tank Davis or a Devin Haney Guys like that, but the guys that he's in and around when you look at the the ring ratings, you know Say, you know an Isaac Cruz or a Frank Martin His resume is right there with him and the way that he's doing it is even more Definitive than the way that those types of guys have beaten their opposition on the way up So I mean stylistically he's gonna be a nightmare for absolutely anybody It's not gonna be an easy night for anyone even if you think that the bigger names wind up beating him and you know That that may very well be it's not gonna be easy He's going to demand something of you physically that no one in that division is going to ask of you And that's gonna make for compelling television.

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