Austin Wiggin, Boston, Fremont Fire Department discussed on Press Play with Madeleine Brand


In hundred seventy five they played philosophy of the world. And for the first and only time Boston told the girls that they had finally perfected it that the song sounded great later that day he got into bed for take arrest and had a massive heart attack and died. Yeah. We continue to until I found the passed away. We all went on full time jobs them, eventually got married and started our own families and just started another life, and maybe it was liberating to have Austin gone, but he had a role in their psychology. That was quite different from a typical father. He he was their dad and their disciplinarian and the breadwinner in the family, but he also told them what to care about. And how to spend their time. What I found really haunting was that their family home were all of this had taken place that really represented who they had been was sold to someone who then became convinced that the ghost of Austin Wiggin was haunting the house and it bothered him deeply, so he built a small house further back on the property and donated the main house to the Fremont fire department who used it as a practice house, which they set on fire repeatedly.

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