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You need to meet this woman. Dr elizabeth blackburn. She's the researcher. she's she's such about us. She's in warlike thinks she's in her late seventies or early eighties. You would never imagine. Imagine that this woman is that age and to be able to discover like. Oh there's something that's called the telomere and This is going to do all of this for health and wellbeing. It's just humbling to be around her. It's it's great to see women in science who've done it for a long time but it's so rare especially when you get to find women who are over sixty who had along in science and then to win a nobel prize to have that that sort of experience. I think that's so bad ass because it is a little bit tougher women and you lose that earlier in as a an entrepreneur as a ceo. In all that. I've done a good amount of entrepreneur. Coaching advice lot of companies. What's your experience. Been like learning how to be a you know a very successful. Ceo and an entrepreneur and to allow yourself to be supportive. What you do that with your practice for. I love that you ask that question so i think first and foremost as women we suffer more. Our brains are more complex in the way that we process information so we need to just understand that our biology obviously is very different than a man's so that's number one so once i respected and understood that i gave myself opportunities for smart self care and this is something that i don't think i've told anyone in everyone's going to hear this but i always give myself permission and an a perfect example of that is when i was first starting out in business so i was in my early twenties. The first hire that i made i got myself anani and in my house and i was living alone and she could. She could do my hair. She could do my nails. She could cook my food. She could keep my house clean and she could nurture and nourish me. Because i'm you know as a woman were nurtures and that gave me such a killer competitive advantage and it gave her one too because she thrived in my environment which helped me threat my ago into the eastern medicine spending time in caves in tibet kind of experiences in my life. My sensation is that the act of creating a company is inactive nurturing. But it's the same thing that a mother does for a child and you put like your own nurturing energy into the company culture into the mission vision and and it's actually an active creativity but it's inactive nurturing and caring and if you're wired to do that but you've got no one caring for you while you're putting all of your carrying something else. It's the same thing happens to moms when they have a baby and found enough support for that first. Light year or two. They're like complete zombies because they're not getting enough sleep in their nurturing another person and unless they have the care of community or a family and other things i got. It's incredibly stressful and exhausting and draining in order to have that creativity and that ability to to transform people's health and their lives. Like you. And i wake up every single morning. And that's what we're doing and that's what we're focused on and it takes so much energy to do that. So self care or self soothing. I mean like simple things that i do the first thing i do in the morning when i wake up before i get out of bed is i meditate. That's when my cortisol levels at the highest. And if i can work with them first thing in the morning my whole day is different. The next thing i do is i drink. I don't drink my my bulletproof yet. I drink an ice cold glass of water. And so okay so you you you meditate meditate. You drink wasser cold water. You put salt lemon or anything lemon. Sometimes i'll put some of the himalayan salt shortage so those are the things i also do our in what's next well i. It depends on which day it is. So like was a low day for me. And i i don't eat until twelve twelve thirty and when i do eat the next thing i do so i'll have all have like around ten. Am we'll have some green tea. Of course. I want to have it organic coffee like i. I love it and then around lunchtime. I'm going to be starting with my fat i. So that's when. I really get into the fat i. I love bone broth. There's so many great foods that i love to eat. No i don't know how you answer this question But i'm really but what's your take on. Having a small dose of fat in the morning to make the rest of the fat effort listened to have more energy. Do you think we're getting on top of or not. The data shows that you are. So i think especially for women right so i'm always looking through the female lens so women most guys are like all about fasting. Intermittent fasting getting the benefits and a lot of women. Ninety percent of the time they're skepticism. They're worried at my body can't do it and you know we're dealing with different forms so for a woman who wants to get into fasting which i of course love and recommend doing it. For twenty five years there are steps that make it easier and so the first step is of course getting sugar out of our diets number one then becoming fat adapted so you can understand that you know fat. I thought most like you. What are you eight. Seventy eighty percent of your diet brings on the day like that. Yeah But for someone. Who's just getting into fasting. Intermittent fasting if you can Get fat adapted where your body is using it as your fuel and then you start to you know you stop eating at eight. Pm at night and you go till ten in the morning and when you first start eating or you're having a coffee you do a bulletproof coffee..

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