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Like tyrod it seems like it's gonna play darnold oddly, the conversation is really moving towards the start Louis Riddick on TV on sportscenter. Last night was just like it's ridiculous. If Donald doesn't start for the jets, which is pretty aggressive. We did. We literally did this with Blake Bortles one year that's where was he has a good literally the second preseason game, and he looks good, and he hits open guys and he's looking great institute threes and we say it is an abomination. If he doesn't start week one, and then we rush them along. There is a value in, I guess, not redshirt rookie quarterback, but at least giving him five, six games to sit through most talented quarterback under the age of thirty five right now as Aaron Rodgers. And he sat from multiple seasons stirs something to that. He would not have been the same. I think GV Tom Brady sat for multiple. He'd be sat for William the mortar, the quarterback under age forty, two sat for multiple years, so I don't see Donald sitting multiple, you know, I think you're not gonna playoffs this year. Sit for six, seven weeks, learn professional. There are not guys. There are not enough practices to get good at being an NFL quarterback. That doesn't happen. Training camp is so watered down. Now that clerk Lyn NFL live on us. Going, I keys. You have to learn to say. And so I haven't seen you this animated since he got the two zero one opo thirty minutes. It was the most excited I've ever seen. Thank you. Okay. It's I've went so many titles and all my sports. All I have left are now. No, but there are no more today's. They're just not enough literally not enough hours in the day to play quarterback the NFL level counter. Yes. I four games of the jet schedule. Detroit at the trait Monday night, seven, ten pm home for the dolphins at Cleveland is the first three. And then you got Jacksonville week for at Jacksonville. Oh, you wanna go against the best defensive by don't, but I like those first three. If you were going to start him those first three or like kind of nice way. Strategy, actually let him play against bad teams and throw them account of the wolves whenever go. When I was in college that I covered jazz and seven dolphins and their whole thing was when was John Becca play? And they were waiting. They threw Cleal trend, green and try and green got concussed almost immediately was ended his career then throughout Cleo lemon. And the whole thing was what? What defense are going to start. John Becca turns out, did matter, turns out, John Belk sucked wasn't John Belk. Like a second round pick. He was guess who I saw yesterday Cowboys camp, John Belk, Elman. He's a private quarterback coach. Now you would you wanna learn from John Karr we all fantasy which one of those teams scares you at the trait home for Miami at Cleveland. I think Detroit's a little bit better than people think they are. So I'm not going to Keiser who's just at the Detroit, they always have talent. I think Matthew Stafford will one day inherit the earth from sort of upper generation of quarterbacks. I grew. I just don't think it's going to happen in twenty eighteen guys. It officially happened. I'm excited for football. I started thinking about them. NFO. Here that started it, but I started thinking about the Monday night jets at the trick at four o'clock, west coast time. I'm Ed. I mean, I'm always. The minute I saw Donald throw, one preseason touch out. I was like best sport around, can't believe back. It's yeah, at called Sean yesterday because I had to talk to him about a fairly urgent work thing. And he's like, Kennecott you back in an hour much in the jets. Okay, I get it. You've never had a. I was getting emotionally connected to my guy. Bill. Does Sam scare you at all gal that your dynasty is winding down or soon to be removed from the Tom Brady Bill bell, check era hopefully within the next ten years? Yes. Are you frayed of Sam? Yeah, we were just talking about it one of these years. The pets are gonna go six to ten, and somebody else going to take the vision. The biggest reason nobody is taking the division. Well, two reasons that three reasons, quarterbacks jets, dolphins bills. Yep..

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