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Public health danger that evictions pose during the pandemic, she wrote, is particularly pronounced in Philadelphia, which was facing an eviction crisis even before the emergency began. The eviction moratorium is set to end. On Monday, co sponsor of the Bills. Helen Gim praised the decision, calling it a victory for renters and a call to action for governments to keep families and community stable. Capt. Cho could not be reached for comment. Pat Lobe K Y. W News radio It's 10 35. The high school athletics conference that covers a big chunk of books and Montgomery counties has voted to move ahead with fall sports. Here's K Y W. Suburban Bureau chief Jim Mellor, the suburban one league voted 21 Toe one with two abstentions to move forward with fall Sports. Plymouth Whitemarsh voted in favour but said they will not have football. Shelton Ham voted against Montgomery County put out its guidance for I school sports Earlier this week, County Commissioner Dr Marcus says they're recommending low to moderate contact. Sports could go ahead, including tennis, golf, soccer, lacrosse field hockey across country, but the recommending against high contact sports like football, water polo rustling in basketball, Arcos says the final decision is up to each district. We will obviously be keeping a very close eye. And should we see transmission in any of those sports, then we would require that they stop. But she says youth leagues have been playing all summer. And while there were cases of exposure, the only documented transmission happened in leagues that had social gatherings at the suburban bureau Jim Mel worked convertible You News Radio and Sylvania State utility regulators have effectively extended a moratorium, preventing utilities from shutting off service to nonpaying customers for three More weeks while the state fights the spread of Corona virus, the four member panel Of two Democrats and two Republicans postpone the vote until September, 17th after deadlocking twice emotions to lift the moratorium over the summer. City government spent more than $200 billion on overtime in the last fiscal year, according to the financial watchdog agency. Pica. Executive director Harvey Rice says it's understandable that OT for police, fire and streets spiked during the civil unrest in June, but I thought it should have been balanced by savings from employees working at home and from better staffing in City Department. That's a concern to us and it's a red flag. City budget director Marissa Waxman says 80% of the overtime was in public safety and overtime constitutes 4% of the budget. So she says, while the city is committed, try to reduce cost she doesn't see overtime is all bad just means to providing services. Philadelphians need services this year, perhaps more than any I can remember, and we're not able does Good at 5 P.m. every day. If we want to get the job, John, like a still thinks it's a problem. It's ordered the city to submit and overtime reduction plan in September and will be monitoring it every month instead of every quarter. 10 37 15 years ago Today, Hurricane Katrina made landfall and slammed into the Gulf states of Mississippi and Louisiana. Even now, 15 years later, those who experienced Katrina including Biloxi, Mississippi resident Laurie Cueva, Rosetti, our emotional as they look back. I just knew that a lot of people had died and We could do anything. Wendell Fraser's home in New Orleans ninth Ward was inundated what a levee was breached benchmarks as you as you walk through the neighborhoods and look around and see what you remember. Pre Katrina Katrina claimed over 1200 lives and caused $125 billion in damage, and Louisiana and Mississippi Jim Krystle. A CBS News Certainly working out of the office could be easier if there was sand between your toes. Many offices shut.

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