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His doing outside and putting rocks in the garlic. Going to low than grab it plants in just kind of beautifying things than. I, don't know. It's just been really really cool to. Catch up things like something the the nesting idea you know if hit. We now have to like protect our space end. Yes. Let's see if we can grow with fruit tree. In case, we need fruit in the future do meaning. Like all you. GotTa be lemonade. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly that anyway for me, it's been a very concentrated time of some degrees of lot of degrees of childishness, a ton of anxiety and then peacefulness. which is very confusing and my hamster wheel. That's like what like what happens or so we all confusing because there's a piece of nesting like there is there's a piece. Oh I don't have to get up and go literally today. We'll. I don't have to read the script in like largely lines and have any anxiety in my belly about whatever's going to go wrong or not or go great. It's just like waking up to just being in your home. It's the weirdest thing. It's O- odd. It's been very hard I think for to describe. It's like this is weird. This is crazy. It's not specific enough to whatnot. Think we're all going through get I agree ticket did you go to your senior Prom I did and how was that experience on a four point? Oh grade scale it was not even one. Negative it was a negative one. Late my it in turn out the way wanted to be like my dress just didn't fit how I wanted it to be a what was a friend of mine like my guy friend my junior prom was actually probably better than my senior prom the senior prom just didn't do it for me. It just wasn't what I thought. It was GONNA be the standards that I had for myself. I just did live up to. That's an incredible to say, no, it's true. Most of the Times it's not unites like heterosexuals time it's like. You know everybody said Oh this and then you're like Oh Shrug. Your experience was anything like mine. Magical A magic carpet ride. Like a cross between space, Mountain The haunted house at Disneyland but like the fun why God Okay do you have a favorite joke? Okay. What color is a burp Where Bill You know what? I want you to do I want you to tell her that joke at every important event of her life. So. Every time. You were three and a half years old and you told me this joke I knew that you were something. I'm going to do it in everyone will be able to recite. The joke is going to be a whole thing yet at the end her great year she's GonNa go mom stop of course she will. She'll do long before that and. Then it'll come back around though when she's getting married, we like mom don't do to the toes don't. Know you know what? She'll start crying when I play video and she'll be like I. Love You so much I am funny mommy. That's amazing on it and really to do that. Okay who would you like to invite your dream dinner party be dead. Yeah and what I to be well to be added party just to hear all her crazy stories of like her fighting for women's rights in fighting for people like me and just justice and she was doing it while she was a mother. You know just to see if it's like, are we having these kinds of same conversations you know about Motherhood in balancing? Work and wanting to do what we WANNA do as women moving forward but her in that also like. Barack Obama would be a fun. One to now Michelle Michelle is well. Jetton. Know. Yeah I. Can just say, Hey, I got Iraq. I WANNA see the dinner party to. Now that felt like an intentional omission. said one. Click. Click Bait Tika said she didn't. Know? Michelle could come. Out and the kids. The whole administration. And it steak and potatoes of ebbets and Broccoli. Yes it's an apple pie. Yeah Okay in one word, how would you like to be remembered? I want people to remember me as someone who is kind and loves her friends deeply in her family loves her daughter will do anything. We'll give her life for her daughter and then just somebody who has always stood up for the little guy even in high school like when people were making fun of. Somebody who they thought wasn't important or deemed nerd or whatever like I always talk to that guy or that girl and then somebody who also changed the world with my art. You know even if the world is a small segment of people at, did it you know she came from somewhere where she wasn't even in the percentage of getting to where she is and and I've actually I got there and she was actually successful because she liked the way she did it enough that was success to her the way she did it in how she did it. Take I have no doubt that you will. You're amazing. You daily are your incredible. Thank you and like I said, I didn't want to start this off by telling you how beautiful you are but you really are you're just you're beautiful person inside and out and truly you're just incredible and thank you. Thank you so much. I love you thiga. Thank you I love you too. Bye. Love Mamola. Enjoying a Miller lite with your favorite people looks different these days but staying connected has always been important. No matter what sick when I was younger, I, would spend hours at a payphone talking with my friends. My mom was always on the home phone just organizing a get together with take a crazy amount of time and quarters at nineteen I got A. Pager and a few years later, my first mobile phone both life changing events. Last night. Thanks to video conferencing group of my friends and I were able to watch the princess. Bride together are socially distant version of Miller time while technology and the times have changed. Some things never do the best times are spent together with our best friends drinking a few. Beers. As the original light beer, Miller lite has always been there to bring people together and Miller time is all about that connection. So.

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