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W now the latest. Forecast from the Exergen temporal thermometer weather center on News Radio seven hundred wwl partly cloudy. Low temperature of nineteen degrees tonight for Thursday becoming cloudy and snow develops during the drive home. My high of thirty six degrees for Thursday night, light to moderate snow into the overnight a low of twenty nine by Friday morning, some snow and turning over to a mix in accumulation by then of one to two inches from your severe weather station. Am nine first warning chief meteorologist, Steve Raleigh. News radio. Seven hundred wwl w radar shows all clear in the tri-state, sunshine, blue skies. Twenty eight degrees in Cincinnati. The father of a Covington Catholic student lobbies for a Bill to protect kids from a social media assault, it stems from January's fireable. Video of Nick Sandman and a native American who were face to face in Washington. The Bill passes eight is three days. Congratulations, Senator shorter Kentucky Senator, Dan. Sam Senate Bill to forty which is an anti taxing legislation is now headed for the Kentucky house. What sparked discussion of the Bill we're Covington Catholic high school students at the center of controversy student Nick Sanmen father, Ted sane testifies before the Senate. He attack on Nick. Shown how far out of control social media has become the Bill would make it a crime to publicly sharing minors personal information in a harassing intimidating or threatening manner. Troy Adams radio seven hundred wwl w in Columbus. The speaker of the Ohio house is expecting an increase in Ohio's gas tax to be more like ten cents more a gal and not the eighteen cents a gallon that the governor is calling for. There was expected to be a vote on their tax today at the state house. But no word yet if that has happened tonight in Cincinnati city council this meeting and is expected to approve legislation to make election day, a paid holiday for city workers singer R Kelly says in a new interview that the sexual abuse allegations against him are not true. He tells CVS that he would have to be stupid to hold girls against their will with a history of accusations that have been filed against him. He said accusation star. From a previous court trial in which he was acquitted..

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