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28. Traffic and weather on the 8s rob stallworth in the WTO traffic center. In Bethesda on the outer loop after three 55 as you head toward two 70, may have a crash blocking at least one lane watch out for the delays on the outer loop as you leave coals will rode headed around toward three 55 into 70 on the outer loop. No problems really onto 70 itself as you leave Rockville headed toward Frederick I 95s in pretty good shape. Southbound on the BW Parkway still some slowdowns approaching and passing 32 headed down toward one 98, eastbound route 50 delays toward the bay bridge, the eastbound span has the right lane block for the work zone two way operations are running on the westbound side. If you're southbound on three O one, this is south of two 14 headed toward trade zone avenue, the right lane is blocked for the work zone there. Northbound three O one on the new Harry nice mag Middleton bridge the right lane is blocked for the work, traveling in Virginia on both loops of the beltway as you head to and from the Georgetown park still with the left side blocked for the work zone there in a loop activity near route 7 Leesburg park with the broken down clear to the shoulder with all your traveling to open. If you're on 66 eastbound watch for delays, approaching nutly street, headed out toward the beltway, still with that work in the right lane. I 95 southbound brief delays across the Yucatan down to one 23, northbound slows in separate judgments between Dale City and the Springfield interchange but to travel lanes or open and available there. If you in Sterling it was eastbound route 7 after Sterling boulevard, we had a single lane getting it by at Augusta drive. If you traveling in the district, it was military road between Connecticut avenue and Nevada avenue where you were following police direction in order to get around the crash scene there. Attention contractors and technicians northeastern supplies opening in beltsville around the corner from the MLK middle school, visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing, HVAC and water systems and PVF needs. Rob stallworth WTO traffic. Beautiful day, let's see if we can keep this weather around. Mike Steiner, our gloomy weather pattern is gone at least for a short while, looking for plenty of sunshine this afternoon. It is going to be rather breezy. We'll get up to a high in the low to mid 60s. Ferris guy's colder tonight mostly in the mid to upper 30 suburbs lower 40s for last year the district partly sunny skies on Friday where the northeast wind is going to be a rather cool and raw day, possibly upper 50s to lower 60s. Partly study liner winds on Saturday highs low 60s, becoming cloudy on Sunday, slight chance of an afternoon shower. Highs low to mid 60s. I'm storm team four meteorologist makes Jennifer. Right now it's 60° and sunny in the nation's capital. Hi, Melanie funkhouser here, president of pharaoh's Chrysler Jeep Dodge and ram. This month only, factory order your new vehicle from pharaohs and save as much as $12,000 off MSRP.

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