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You know who's going to buy the escalator? I think it's going to be bought by a lot of racing drivers who cover their own vehicles. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I could see that. Because if you're rolling into the paddock and you need something to scale and size to tell you about your power boat or your race car or something and you're doing it yourself, and a lot of people just enjoy doing it themselves. Yeah. Then this would be a cool thing to turn up in the paddock in. Yeah, it would be. And you know it'd be beautiful inside and comfortable and it'd be great. So I can see that. What's going on? What's going on in your world? Another thing that excited me over the weekend that I just never catches on in the U.S. but I was watching the Monte Carlo rally and there's a guy called Sebastian Loeb, which hopefully people listening to this will know. I went on the acropolis for rally when I was like 22 and starting out in this world. And the EU is about three years older than I am. And he was this really young French king Carlos Sainz and Colin McRae were driving for Sichuan in the world rally championship. And they were both unlike multi-million dollar contracts and superheroes in this little French guy who barely spoke any English at that time, turned up and was just mighty. And they couldn't get over how fast this kid was. And here we are like 2020 something years on. He's 40, 8, next month. He just finished second in the Dakar. He could fly straight from the duck car to a test of a brand new rally car, which was a puma, which is Ford's little SUV in Europe. It's a puma hybrid. He turns up in the north of England to test this thing. Tens have been Monte Carlo. Takes on Sebastian ogier. I think he's an 8 time world champion. Loves a 9 time world champion, and at 48 years old beats him. I did get the two of them who've got 8 and 9 world championships each. Then they were taken on all the young guns and were just in a different league and it was just it was a bit like the Verstappen Hamilton in Formula One, the two of them just kind of took each other to another level. And it was just an incredible story. And what made it even better is that sebs now won 79 world rallies. He also finished second at Le Mans for Persia in a prototype. All sorts of stuff is extremely all sorts of things. He turns up, it a normal co driver isn't co drive for anymore. So he turned it with a 50 year old lady who had been he had done some testing with him over the years. She's a part time math teacher. Yeah, I was gonna say she's a teacher. Yeah, this is a teacher. She's 50 years old. He's 47, nearly 48. They get in the car. They dust everybody. They win the Monte Carlo rally, and it's just such an amazing story. And if you look the so much onboard footage from, you know, if you go across Twitter or any social media. And I know rallying doesn't really do it over here in the same way. I know Ken block came over and made a bit of a bit of buzz around it, but it's just extraordinary to see. And this guy must be right up there when you talk about the best ride drivers actually the best drivers. I mean, he was mighty at Le Mans. He's been mighty in everything he's done. Finished second on the dark car, flight the UK when the flight to France win the Monte Carlo rally go home. It's just fantastic. Yeah, it was an exciting weekend. I saw all the news and the buzz around. It certainly through Ford and the brands in the sponsors that were pushing it. But yeah, I saw some of the in car footage and always just blows my mind when you see some of that in car rally stuff. And you see this guy just haul an ass sawing out the wheel and someone's just sitting there reading a book next I'm going, yeah, you're gonna turn here, you're gonna turn there. They never even look up and see what's going on. I stare at my phone when someone's driving a car for a few minutes and I start to get sick looking at my phone. I can't imagine drive it like bad out of hell. It just read to map the whole time and talk it to somebody on my head to go and yeah you're gonna turn up here and you're gonna turn it up there and then some of the clips some of the carnage you see that there were showing just someone goes, they make it, they're flying through the air. They hit the turf. They go straight. Somebody just misses and they lawn dart off the side. Then they always cut to the in car footage. Here, they got going, oh shit. You're like, my gosh. There was a mighty crush with one of the pumas over the weekend. I think that's also on social way. He literally just powered off down a ravine. I've been on those Monte Carlo rally Rhodes. It's like, you know, it's like going at the canyons near LA, a lot of time there are no barriers or even if there are Barry as you go over the top. And then they send cartwheel down the cliff and yeah, and then the next thing you see is catalyst guy going out backside first and you're either okay or you're not right. I did I did a rally many years ago and there's a British co driver in the fortune got killed a couple a few rallies later and the treat where you hit a tree and you know it's still it's amazing what they walk away from, but it's still a dangerous sport, but yeah, I mean extraordinary skill, incredible stuff. Yeah, it's the whole thing is kind of nuts, but it was kind of exciting to see and congratulations to them for winning. There's a lady to go back to teaching at this point or she gets some kind of bonus maybe. I heard that maybe AC back in the classroom on Monday. And what I like about lobby actually both, but certainly about Sebastian is he looks 48. You know you get, you know you get these like Bill, obviously who don't look. And the guy looks 48. Look at the pictures of him, you know, he's got these kind of like weather beaten face, he looks, he looks a bit, but he was like a championship gymnastic gymnast at his teams. It is teens, so his signature is doing a back flip like a standing back on the podium. He was still able to do that at 48 as well. So he's like, it's like, I don't really like hero worship people, but he's pretty much up there in terms of yeah, you know, just in terms of skill sets, amazing. Yeah, by the way, I like that shirt you got on there, Bill. I knew you were gonna say. Big man's wearing his Provo sure. Make sure we get some screenshots of that at some point. Is this an alcoholic beverage that you might have something to do with? Yeah, it might be. Tell us a little bit. I guess we got to get into the EV part of the discussion at some point, so why don't we just touch on that for a minute? Tell us a little bit about the Hyundai. Because you guys got your hands on, is the ionic. The ionic 5? Yeah, the ionic 5, which is looks like something out of the 80s. It's also it's a cool looking car, sister car to the Kia EV 6. Yeah, we've been really impressed with it. It starts to cut the car we had was like a fully loaded dual motor all wheel drive thing, which was like 56 grand, but actually that's not really, I think where the sweet spot is, the sweet spot.

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