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Areas and also meanwhile written really good writing and are moving on heatsignature cool game yes so this is the next game by v maker of on point come point tikrit's complaint alert former game journalists last like jim russell y'all gunpoint was i think one of my favorite games of that year and he's he's right only i remember thinking was to it like stopped it ended just when it started getting really as love at about i thought it was so short wellpaced i just it ended now's like cool and you can play more of those alerts you can do levels litter made by people and stuff and i was like i i don't need this game to beat suggesting two to three hours fine i he said i don't know how long it is i started it it's really cool it has that seemed kind of really responsive meets fast very fast moving controls as another stealth game you're in outer space this time you're doing a lot more jumping out of space ships and then jumping into other spaceships than you steal the ships and but there's all these stuff mechanics irresolute little bit actually of mr shifty which i think is a game that i do think came out this year we didn't put on your behalf since mentioned that now which was another very fastmoving punishing but also just very quick stealth stealth slash action game fund facts about tom francis a he has a great set of youtube tutorials for the program gamemaker so if anyone is interested in making video yet heat documented his whole process of making gunpoint which was this really long process and you can watch the whole the whole process if a coming together yeah and then he's i think did the same thing for heatsignature but i ask him as he is very cool i really want to play more of it i i like what it would let's going through somare project cars to franken away this was not the so this is about mit taking this picks or maybe cars to in making and what better maternity and into a project it's like you've been brought in as the product runway and you have to make cars to better i don't know this was not ideally are driving amos was nominated for best sports slash drive a new iron ovary came that's why main knowledgeable echo is this weekend this is the game that we saw at packs you remember.

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