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More nutritional more sustenance. So your body will crave protein macronutrients more than that or micronutrient. So when I used to lift weights or like, you guys even if you guys Villier micronutrient requirements, you guys are gonna want way more protein than the average person just from that your body. Your muscles are literally telling you I need protein. I want to eat protein. That's not the same case with most people, but fasting is a whole like that's a big topic in itself with the Towfighi and the main benefits of Towfighi is people claim that and it's not a claim. This is what it does your body, essentially recycles. It sells and heals itself in Towfighi. But my argument behind a nutrient dense diet is that. At the processes that regulate. How sales are made gene expression and cell differentiation are directly correlated to the cell health in your body. So vitamin a and vitamin d three in particular are the precursors, gene expression. Gene expression turns on and off certain genes. This literally tells your body what sells it needs to make whether it's a stem cell or red blood cell or white blood cell. I don't want to know. I'm not a biochemist physiologist, I don't wanna go into this too much, but one anecdote I like to make is when I had terrible terrible cystic acne take weeks acne to heal. And then when I had this terrible like nickel-sized blemish on my face that blemish would take. Three four five six months ago way. I did a video on my YouTube of I had a cyst it exploded. And I all this is a little girls. I'm sorry guys. So anyway, the point is I heal my skin and literally three days I went from a cyst on my face to pretty much clear skin. And the way I did. This was I fasted I consumed a large amount of retinal from liver, vitamin A. And then I went in the sun for five six hours a day. So what happened was the first day kinda got inflamed? And then it popped the second day started healing third day formed into a scab and the third day the second day turned into a scab. And then the third day. It was pretty much completely healed in the blemish was almost gone. So our body essentially is like a plant, and you know, when people are growing or growing, something they don't blame the plants genetics on it, not growing, they blame the soil. They blame the nutrient was given they say it didn't get enough water. We kind of need to look at the same thing for. Humans. Genetics are determined by environment over a period of years and years and years. That was a bit of a ramble from the question of, you know. Do calories matter. But I think I touched on it on a few different ways. I think a lot of people would be curious especially looking into you. Don't eat any vegetables or anything like that. Right. Okay. Yeah. Cool. A lot of people would wonder 'cause I I saw video where you you mentioned how fiber isn't necessarily that important. How how like how would you explain that to individuals in terms of do you get fiber from outside sources, or is is now into you all now so in in regards to fibers association with any sort of health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol was your social with reducing cholesterol, more consistent bowel movements, reducing rates abou- gander. That's not actually demonstrated in studies. But to me five or does play a role in the health of the gut microbiome and building a diverse microbiome. And that ties into you know, the thousands of and hundreds of wild plant foods that indigenous people used to consume. Yeah. So having a certain gut back to your gut bacteria is essentially specific to your while in in the case of let's say like a mother has a baby and starts nursing her child. The mother is eating certain foods in her diet that are in a way introduce. To the child through the breast milk the environment than when the child grows up the child would eat the foods that are in the mothers environment, and this is kind of what determines our microbiome?.

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