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For the reason I'm fascinated by it and I often go off on tangents because I see so many parallels between sports and the stock market for example or sports and politics or sports and the way we live our lives every day we order and we got all these you know grow above dining dash whatever the hell these delivery services are called and of course in New York with that forever but now they have it everywhere all right all the suburbs avid people coming others you know it's just they stay home they order food and have it brought to the house and all the restaurants are in on it in a you know because they can't not be you can't ignore its like why is there so much replay because they couldn't not every play too many people demanded an end to many people were sitting at home with a better view than the officials at so I had to embrace replay because I have no choice restaurants now have to embrace people eating at home because if they don't they're gonna find a restaurant that does deliver and get them the food at home so my point is people are staying home across the board they're not going to movie theaters watch a movie and they're not going to as many games what they have to hope is that the continued sense of community and the tail gating and the being of the event and the entertainment that comes from being an event we'll still lower enough people to make it look on TV like it's a cool place to be because that's the one thing they don't want to lose but there is no question that fewer people are going and there's also no question that they don't care that they're fine with fewer people going it doesn't bother them because they make the bulk of their money now and into the the next decade anyway through television television is where everybody gets paid so they would like to have you at the games but they need you to be watching your television eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six Chris Moore another couple of hours here on the phone.

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