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Was thinking of China expert. I. I. Just, do on the first name and it was like, Oh my God. That's the end of the episode I watched guys kitchen was season. So three. where he brings his most creative show friends the ranch to revamp a retro dishes John. Men. Is. Is So funny. He's a good dude I used to go to his restaurant in the West village before it shut down and then he just reopened it as cove it happened. So like I'm hone know what happens with that but he has this great restaurant called Budo that was sort of like this iconic like he makes us like delicious roast chicken get like Parmesan fried potatoes. With it, it was always like a hot spot. You sit outside Bobby Flay and Michael Simon used to go there all the time with their wives before Bobby got divorced from Stephanie March one night on their they're like racking up a crazy bill wine bottles past I'm like two tables over with three of my girlfriends. Did they thirty percent lanes? I hope. So they were like. Having a great time and Jonathan Waxman starts coming around talking to everybody at every table and the ladies how are you enjoying your meal and we're like, oh, it's so good and like you know my friends are like they don't know who is whatever and I was like that's the chef like he's a really big deal and they're all like I think he just wanted to. Say Hi Four Young Women in their twenty s like in like summer dresses eating roast chicken I was like, yeah, probably. But like still and I watched him like come around and like hang out with Bobby and Michael Awhile it was such a great I it was very silly. I really enjoyed that moment anyway I digress in in in my mini binge of the Guy Fieri. Demography on TV. I think I saw and maybe he's just stuck in my mind because how much you guys talked about Bobby Flay last week it'd be bobby flay is were heavily promoting chopped colon be bobby flay. Gets is that a mash up of the two shows? Though. Speaking speaking of guests on I was watching the triple the episode I watched had Duff Duff Goldman on as well. I remember I watched a good amount of cakes back in the day even though I realized that that was not really a food show whatsoever, it was funded show. Action. On stuff exactly.

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