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Sure. So this is a brand new item. So not quite out yet, but curb dot com. So that's K U R GO dot com dot com and everybody knows super span. And I are big fans were alw-. Always promoting Kirk. And this is cool to like a satchel that I love the material. What does this? So this is a similar this also has an armor. So by this is a courier style bag. So it's like a messenger bag that you put over your shoulder, and it has a strap to do that. And also buckling the dog. This is also bright red and. It's a dog hair. Yeah. So the dog goes in here has a removable liner. So you can wash that if you happen to have an accident. And it's it's just a really nice piece as well. I love your products because are so well thought out and do I remember correctly that your brother is an engineer who helps you design the yes. So my brother is an indus- founded the business with is an industrial designer went to the Pratt institute in Brooklyn, New York. And so he's the designer had designer of all of our products. I just have to say the reason I noticed that not only because I work with animals, but I have a degree in industrial psychology from Georgia Tech. And most of us got jobs at industrial engineering. Course, I went off into the pet world. But I can see this as so ergonomically designed for the humans for the dogs. And I love it. Thank you very much for hosting us. Here we love love to chat. Thank you. Gordie spader with Kirby. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Okay. Thanks for having me. Right. So now, we're off to find some products that are innovative healthy and work in our adventures. This looks like a very special. Dog trade that may be right up. Our alley. And now, I'm at the Zouk with David Rizzo. Hi, there are you? Great. So I just stopped by super and I were literally walking down the way here. And I love the way your treat snout he came over. And then John was telling us all about how your philosophy is live life off leash and have adventures. So tell me about your philosophy. Absolutely. So I think you know, we read a lot in the outdoors as you can see from our packaging, and so live life off leash is not about the literal sense. It's about that. We take the time to break routine. We take our dogs as catalysts, and we get outside. And we do what keeps us whole. And makes us healthy. I love you said, but keeps us whole and makes us healthy. Because every all my listeners know the show's called a super smiley adventure. 'cause animals will always lead us on grand adventures if we're open to it. What do you think about that? Absolutely. My dog is always in my catalyst for adventure. But I don't think that adventure has to be grounded in just hiking, and climbing, and you name it. It's the walk around the park. So walk around the block, it's taking your dog to the pet store. The adventure that the two of you do as companions together that ignite your own inner soul in your. I love that. Okay. I was going to talk about your new parked and all the fabulous things that smile. He's been sampling, by the way, love them. But you just jumped right to our mission on the super smelly adventure. We already talked about the hiking all of that. But animals can also lead on adventures that our inner journeys self-discovery, which you just touched on. So what lessons have you learned from your dog? Well, I mean, everybody can say unconditional love, right?.

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