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Now from our nation's capital this is Bloomberg sound on We are actually going to do the largest infrastructure Bill ever in America's history The more extraordinary the extraordinary measures get the harder it is to put pressure on Congress Bloomberg sound on Politics policy and perspective from D.C.'s top names Why wouldn't she try a primary against President Biden if he were to decide to run again You guys know you speak to a pretty good audience The death ceiling is a completely manufactured crisis Bloomberg sounded on with Joe Matthew on Bloomberg radio Where the Christmas trees are already going up and the mask mandates are coming down Welcome to the fastest hour in politics I am Joe Matthew joined today by Bloomberg's Emily Wilkins and what could be the final throws in the debate around soft infrastructure in the U.S. House a vote They say Emily is possible by the end of the week Joe they might have to work the weekend but Nancy Pelosi is promising It will pass this week and members are going to be able to enjoy their thanksgivings Only hold up as a small group moderate Democrats they're waiting for this official report on the cost of the bill before they can move forward But President Biden's not waiting He has already on the road to sell that infrastructure piece And that's something that traveling salesman is back swung through the town of Woodstock New Hampshire today We're going to talk about it with Andy Smith director of the university of New Hampshire survey center Our panel today Bloomberg politics contributor Rick Davis along with Kristen Hahn democratic strategist partner at rock solutions Before we get that farther Emily we check the markets of course and for that we turn to mister Charlie pellet What I thank you very much and welcome to board the fastest arm politics actually the finest arm politics the Dow the S&P nez stack all pushing higher today Very close to records with the S&P today up 18 one point shy up by four tenths of 1% NASDAQ very close to a record as well up one 20 hire by 8 tenths of 1% the Dow up 54 up by two tenths of 1% Lots of economic data today but stocks did advance after the biggest increase in retail sales since March results from industry.

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