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Story one hour until polling locations closed their doors ahead of today's primary, election here in Arizona KTAR's Ali vetnar is live from congressman Martha mcsally he's watch, party in Tempe with the. Latest Yeah, Ashley was Senator Jeff flake deciding not to run for reelection three Republicans and two Democrats are fighting for a seat, as. For who's running for that Senate seat there. Are a number of, Republicans running in the primary including former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio US Representative. Martha mcsally in former state Senator Kelly water fighting for that respective parties seat while Pearson cinema indie. Andro booth are running for the Democratic. Party not only are. Voters choosing who will represent, the party in the Senate for the loan Senate seat your also choosing candidates for governor and several other positions all be. At the yard for Martha mcsally. Watch party throughout the evening as polls close live in Tempe I'm Ali vetnar KTAR news, things alley. As she, mentioned polling places close in less than an hour and many last minute. Voters are casting, their votes. Let's check. In now with. Tears Mark Carlson who's, live from a polling place near forty fourth avenue and McDowell with Moore Ashley here Tillman. School a slight flutter of activity is people were. Getting off work to vote I asked this Otar of he encountered any. Problems voting today I. Do. Not see anything found your polling place okay It was, a smooth and I like. It the polls in Arizona closing less than an hour. And later tonight we'll, learn, the, primary, winners, full, coverage. John KTAR reporting live Mark Carlson KTAR. News inks Mark let's get a check in with traffic. Here's detour, Dan, from, the valley Chevy dealers traffic center.

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