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Com Jeff Wagner on WTMJ. Well, here's an example of the cancel culture trying to take somebody out, and it doesn't quite work. Working. Wallen and Morgan Wallace is three young country singer who's also kind of Ah, kind of a jerk and Morgan Wall and head his his career kind of blow up. You will remember Ah, while back because it was one of those nights where he and a bunch of his buddies are coming back from a night of partying and drinking. And the neighbor has ah, that the neighbor he lives in Nashville and neighbor has one of those cameras that South and it catches Wallenda's. He's kind of stumbling into his house and he's you know, waving at some of the people who's dropping off and he said, Take good care of and he's referring to somebody and he uses the n word I completely and totally inappropriate but in in the context of it. He's just being a drunken jerk. It's not like he's. It's not like he's singling this out and saying, I hate all you'll fill in the blank. It's just he uses the term. It's a slur. He should not do it, and he's apologized for it. But what happened is after that video surfaced is career essentially came to Ah, halt. The Country Music Association removed his digital content from their platforms, the Academy of Country Music Awards, said. He's not going to be eligible for this award. His record label dropped him and what happened is interestingly enough, The sales of his records went through the roof, and it's just it's been one of these amazing phenomena. His people decided they're voting with their pocketbooks, and they're kind of responding to the efforts of the cancel culture. What? Well, here's the deal. The 2021 Billboard Music Awards, which he is not eligible for since he was banned from attending or performing the Sunday show. Apparently he had won three awards. From six nominations, because apparently the way they calculate these awards. It's a it's a factor that they look at performance on the billboard and charts. They're not voted on. But depending on how well you do that decides who the winners are, so even though he was said he's not eligible, he actual and it wasn't invited, participate. Because the fans decided that they weren't going to cancel him. He ended up winning three out of the six awards. Now he's not going to get him. That's my understanding, because again he's not eligible. But based on the numbers, he won three out of six The cancel culture gets left in the dust on this particular issue. 1 31 Let's go to the WTMJ breaking news Center. Here's Melissa Bar. Thank you. Jeff. Former Milwaukee police officer Michael Mattioli is suing the city Milwaukee to keep the police body cam footage of the aftermath of his altercation with Joel also vato under wraps. Mattioli is currently facing homicide charges over the accusation that he choked Azevedo to death. Bring an argument in April of 2020 family of a man who was shot and killed by a Green Bay Police officer says they will appeal a federal judge's decision to throw out their lawsuit. U. S. District Judge William Griesbach last week dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit Ah, filed against the city of Green Bay, Brown County and law enforcement officials. By the state of Jonathan Tubby Tubby was handcuffed and unarmed when Green Bay Police officer Eric O'Brien shot him five times and kill them at the Brown County jail in October of 2018. The police have arrested a man wanted in four killings across two states after a seven day search in South Carolina. Chester County Sheriff's office says 26 year old Tyler Terry was found around 10:30 A.m.. Says Terry's taken into custody. No more shots were fired and more than 300 officers were searching for him. We're not hurt time now for a WTMJ drinking associates market update. The Dow is up right now. 258 points to 4 34,067. NASDAQ is up 221 points to 6 13,092 and the S and P 500 is a 51 points to 42 08. Wtmj paella. W com Time saver traffic.

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