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And I was like, well, listen I've, and then I made you watch the sweetest thing. 'cause there's a scene from the sweetest thing where they talk about moldy bleeding, all Blanche's. It's hilarious movie is in right? Maybe I'll make sure to include that clip in the post, I assure you that we both smell delightful. I don't know what. She's so mad about also speaking of smells if you happen to notice in or around the fishers area on Sunday, February tenth a wretched putrid smell. I can tell you what that's from Linda Sarsour is coming to town. There's this organization called pure hands. And they're having their annual charity dinner, and this is apparently going to be dedicated to their humanitarian efforts in Yemen. And this dinner is going to be held at the deli. Delaware township community center up there in fishers, and Linda Sarsour sore is one of the presenters. Wow. Yeah. They described her as being a world renowned activist who has a special focus on helping those in need. Listen. Totally check it out. Ju. Yeah. You just go like say, hey, how you doing? I'm linda. Yeah. Yeah. So they promote this by saying come enjoy a beautiful evening where we can stand with our brothers and sisters of Yemen dinner will be served and catered by Al Ryan restaurant, please show up on time. The dress code is formal very very fancy. I bet it very much it costs..

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