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The development team is aware and we'll be addressing this in the future. So I wouldn't stress out too much about these various tests that you're seeing online right now because I think it's just too early to even really know. And honestly, I mean, if you were going to be rendering a bunch of video, would you also start playing fortnight at the same time? No, you wouldn't? Because that was only I don't know who you saw do that. I didn't see anyone doing that. Same thing. Most video editors know when you're rendering you don't do anything else. You leave your computer alone, right? I'm just saying the win these tests are they're using these things in sort of ridiculous ways. I think a lot of times they're doing things that you wouldn't normally do. And so I don't know just point taking the are trying to push the computer to the max to see where where it starts to falter. So in many real life scenarios, you're not gonna have to worry about these thermal issues because, well, let me back that up. I think that in some in some for some people, you will have to worry about thermal issues. If you're a video editor in particular, either the test that you're you're seeing are valid because they push the CPU to its limits, and they hold it there to see what it will do. And that is what happens when you are in coding something and your CPU has to sit there and turn and turn insurance for long periods of time. Now, if you're trying to play at the same time, I think that's, that's asinine. There's no reason why you do that because no one is ever realistically, realistically going to encode and play. For night at the same time. You're total idiot. Sure. People try it for sure. They might try it, but no-one no-one has as part of their workflow. I mean, again, as a video person, when your computer is rendering, leave it there, you don't go do something else because you know it affects it pulls cycles away from the right. So anyway, point taking Louis, don't try to render and play for night at the same time. Whereas you call the quick. Reminding me. Don't try to play quake nights and render a video on your Cinna bench FX XP pro cut us her at the same time. So hard to remember. That's. Easy target list on this home pods story just really fast, and then we'll move onto listener questions. This story. Where is it? There we go home pied OS twelve beta software said to support multiple timers. Oh my goodness. Can you imagine a life or you could have multiple times than your own pot coupons? I can sit four timers, total one, and you also have new call features anymore. I don't know how accurate this is. I'm just putting this out there in case you have a home pod. You might find this interesting as the owner of a home pot. I await apple adding new features because as you know, the home pipes don't do much right now French tech blog. I generate Sean reports that a beta version of the software currently in internal testing enables users to make Kohl's an answer them from the home pod and ask Siri to find your iphone and set multiple timers on the home pot. So cool features right now..

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